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Sunday, May 1, 2016

wounded but not broken #April

good things come unexpectedly,
its gone in a blink of eye,
without the time to digest,
shaking. . . .
shattered. . . .
forcing myself to fake smile,
i cannot hide the cracking voice,
and i realized that i still human at heart,
my heart is functioning according to human,
even the brain said its fine,
but the pain in the heart unbearable,
and it come to tears.
sakit sangat. . . .  sangat.
its hurt when  u be very careful with your heart but people simply hurt it.
well that's life. full of surprises. pain. and that's the reality.
Thanks for the opportunity ya Allah. 
Let's not meet each other again. 
its painful ending. 

"Avoid comparing yourself to others. Ponder on the gifts that Allah has
bestowed upon you. Muster the courage to ask your family and friends what they love most about you. Break yourself free from the chains of self-doubt. Choose what is best for you.

See yourself as Allah sees you.
You deserve to live a fulfilling life. Walk away from anyone who harms your dignity. Walk away from anything that drives you away from Allah. Walk away from those who keep picking a fight with you. It’s true what they say. The battle they are fighting isn’t with you. It is with their selves." (copy from Alia Abdullah)

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