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Thursday, February 13, 2014

FC Bayern Munchen vs FC Nurnberg live match in Grundigstadion,Nurnberg!


Dream comes true~ Watched live match of my fav club in germanyyyyy!

8 Feb 2014 : in Grundig stadion aka Nurnberg stadion. #Bundesliga

I'm kinda anticipating at first, this is not my first time watch live football match as i've watch live football match in Malaysia twice. But this is my first time watching live match abroad! there's a lot of things in mind, espc regarding safety, and how to get there. Being just two girls without any man company and thinking that supporters drink beer while watching the match, seram la plak bila pikir.

Well germany provide superb public transport. When there's football in town their polizei plays an important role in make sure about the safety. In hauptbanhof there's a lot of police. Cuak indeed but then we just follow those people who wear mafla and jersey take the s-bahn together. The train that we want to take was full and occupied with big man! and us? just as tall as their sekolah rendah kids. kecik je sbnarnye ktorg ni. Then we followed behind uncle who wore jersey to take other train. The second train was almost full but we managed to sneak in. hahaha and some men just watch us like "what the...." maybe itu la kot yg ade dlm otak diorg. imagine inside the train ktorg ni bawah ketiak lelaki2 tu. they are so BIG! tersepit dua org in between those men. I'm pretty sure people never realize our existence inside the train. It takes like 5-10minutes from Nurnberg Hbf-Frankenstadion. Two girls with scarfs walking around and we followed family for safety.

Sesat2 cari south part. Then finally jumpa!! excited!

Happy we sing along the fans! :D

song 1
Ei jei jei jei, FC Bayern Munchen
wie singen und tanzen auf jedem fussballplatz
ein schuss, ein tor
die bayern, DIE BAYERN! (3x)

song 2
Deutscher fussball meister 
Deutscher fussball meister 
Deutscher fussball meister 

song 3
Bayern munchen allez 
Bayern munchen allez 
Bayern munchen allez  oohh oh!

song 4
Bayern mucnhen
allez, allez,allez
allez, allez,allez
allez, allez,allez

Freak fee! i love the song! hahaha 

check out from minute 9.24

Freaking cold to watch winter game! frozen kat situ jugak!
The guy next to Qila din nurnberg supporters, mula2 semangat jerit. and the guy next to me Bayern munich supporter diam je, how on earth u come watch football diam? haha cannot brain. I think he might wonder where on earth this two girls with scarfs come to watch football? hahaha

The guy was kantoi checking on what on my phone, cuz there's front camera reflection hahaha tak sengaja ter on. He was silent the during the match and pakcik belakang ktorg tgh nyanyi2 lagu bayern! haha cool aite. next time nak join fans group! happy kot dekat south curve lompat2 and sing! dah la sejuk kalau stand still mmg jadi ice kat situ. 

Hapy kids! :D next time should watch EURO or worldcup! 

Tak sia2 beli tix kat viagogo, fast and reliable shipping in less than 1 week dah dpt.

While peeps are busy coming out from the stadium we chill and take longer than 1 hour and avoid taking crowd train. Malas nak bump onto drunk people as they drink beer. even the guy next to me is drinking a cup of beer. Sejuk kot that's the way they keep warm. 

Pastu stop dekat bus FC Bayern. The day before we saw the bus park at hotel near Hbf. So qila kata jom tunggu , tak rush so follow je tnggu kot2 boleh bye bye the team. sekali the player come out and some kids dah jerit2 mandzukic , mintak sign etc. next neur,muller, philip and thiago. Such a humble captain dier sign kertas qila din. hahaha tmpt ktorg tak strategik sbb kat hujung ade la vid kat qila bukti captain sign. :D 

Philip Lahm, Bayern Captain and Germany National Team Captain signature!

epic . i hope she framed it well! haha

Bastian was not in the game. he play 2nd half for DFB Pokal Hamburg vs FCB and i'm pretty sure he will be joining arsenal. Nak balik tu, ktorg lari2 kejar train, pastu pakcik polis tu gelak2 suruh ktorg "calm down" kot in his language. haha

safely return to intan's home and terus google lagu fans bayern! next time boleh nyanyi! aahaha

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