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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Shenzhen,China part 1

Last 2 weeks activity but only today got chance to update. Been superbly busy lately . March and April are crazy months . No more daily update hehe. Life was good and me and friend kinda appreciate the school we enter and each day we gain more and more friends here(internationally) not to be mention HAHA :p

Today curi some time to update my blog. We had jejak Shenzhen wohooo! But it was located not far from Hong Kong just around 45 minutes(approx.) from HK by MTR Hung Hom-Shenzhen. But before entering China have to apply for VISA. Dont apply Visa in HK, bit more expensive compared to apply VISA in Malaysia. Here 200HKD , malaysia on RM30 (for Single entry)

nahhh skip lah, busy lazy and what more? sorry . For me to create a full and complete update i have to have the strength untuk menaip.

The wonderful place we visit is Windows of the World! once visit here mengukuhkan lagi semangat totravel around the world :))

Can u see some viewwwwwww there ? awesome aite ?

to be continued. . . . .

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