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Monday, February 18, 2013

Travel to HK for muslim

Hong Kong is one of the best place which provide a lot of interesting places for tourist. Its a small territory but they make use of every land they have to generate money. so good aite ? :D

Upon arriving in HK airport, my local fren suggest to me to buy Octopus card.

couldnt remember how much but under 100hkd. This card is very useful espc to use MTR in HK and a lot of shop like groceries shop use this card if u dont favour carrying a lot of money with u. You can get this card @ 7eleven and u can top up at 7e. dont worry 7e is everywhere in HK! :D and to ease communication boleh beli number kat 7e jugak and top up pun kat 7e. Some locals understand simple english but if u ask young people they can speak english cuz their studies fully in english.

Tourist kebanyakan stay in Chungking Mansion cuz cheaper than other places in HK, ada yg makan sarapan kat chungking mansion. We never try sebab selalu ktorg x sarapan untuk menjimatkan duit. If ur hotel room got freezer go shop some groceries like roti yg no lard and susu yg halal. ade and harga dlm 19hkd. halal food memang expensive here. harga makanan selalu double the price in Malaysia even our own product yg dijual kat sini. Fruits at the street stall usually cheap, fruits di tanggung halal :D
So my suggestion for those who wanna save budget while traveling in HK is u take ur sarapan inside the hotel room with the coco crunch or roti, bawak la peanut butter ke nutella , roti boleh beli dekat International. area Tsim sha tsui ada.

For lunch and dinner can eat at

 the briyani! the best in the world!

this restaurant usualy we come and take set so around 50+ HKD include drinks. Or beli air kat 7e and hide in ur bags, once the serve food later u keluarkan ur own air which is cheaper! hihi. ni kak siti yg ajar.

2.Big pizza
Kalau rindu pizza makan la kat sini. Ni just small shop, the pizza is around 30+ hkd = Rm15+ for a slice of pizza. tapi one slice pun besar, memang puas.

view this link for more info about big pizza : http://www.openrice.com/english/restaurant/sr2.htm?shopid=89383

3.Lunch like local!
ade islamic canteen @ Wan chai dekat masjid x ingat nama masjid tu tapi bukan kowloon mosque.

here is other's blog yg cerita in detail about this place : http://mikahaziq.blogspot.com/2012/09/halal-food-hong-kong-eating-chinese-at.html

4.Nasi itik
ada kat pasar tapi tak ingat which area. its halal maybe bcz the owner is muslim :)

5.Vege restaurant.
We tried once tapi x ingat kat mana, but its in mongkok area. They dont u "chu yao" - which is pork oil. chu yao is in cantonese. so kalau ragu2 nak beli street food ask got chu yao o not. try speak in cantonese. kalau aunty tu jawab "mou chu yao" means xde, kalau "yao chu yao" ade. so dont buy laaa.

6.dessert time!

HK is famous with their dessert shop, gong cha and some of their locals food must try.

egg pudding (it taste really good!)

egg wafle (No chu yao) this one from street food

Mochi! (this one from the groceries shop!) rindu yg ni kat malaysia xjumpe! ni
luar dier rice cake dalam dier ice cream. yumms!

for tourist here is the link for list of halal restaurant print it out untuk cari tempat makan dgn senang later. :)
link : http://www.placesandfoods.com/2010/05/halal-food-restaurants-directory-for-muslim-visitors-in-hong-kong-china.html


1.Mtr : cheap and easy. Take the MTR map and if u confuse which platform ask the counter :)
2.We dont take taxi cuz expensive but very convinient la.
3.mini bus : difficult to communicate as that uncle speak cantonese.
4.Bus : all bus in HK double decker and laju gile. but very2 convenient cuma u have to study where to go, what is ur stesen bus and bus number, they didnt write, so study. visit this site to study the route : http://www.kmb.hk/en/

[Interesting Places]

1.Tsim Sha Tsui [Kowloon Mosque,Kowloon Park, Ebaneezer ;)]

2.Central (The place to see tall building very close to each other!)

Lan Kwai Fong! Sini banyak club mcm area Bukit Bintang kalau malam mcm not appropriate to go hehe.

The guy is Carl from Sweeden our exchange fren .

3.Wan Chai (Dim sum place)

4.The Peak & Madam Tussaud

the tix price for tram and Madam tussaud can check online :)

5.Victoria Harbour (Symphony of light every night @ 8pm)


7.Country side @ Tai Mei Tuk (Cycling)

can google some traditional festive before come!

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