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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Run to highland!

Day 3 - Cameron Highland

Continue the first vacation . . .

Strawberry Chocolate

Blooming flowers

Camera Action! POSE!

with nenek!!

muke pelik!!

jammed jammed . . . .


tea timeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

we ordered almost all in the MENU! tamak tu la in the end xlarat nak habis!!

know how we(gals) finish this? We got monster tolong makan :pp hehehe

ni monster tu :DDD


Strawbergasm! haha

K-pop tak ?

sorry sorry neaga neaga hahaa :p

Random :)

jammed sgt cameron during holidays. For u to feel the cameron is when u go on weekdays! and org x cuti :) serious the best way to enjoy cameron and stop anywhere u wish. And if u drive around cameron, turn of ur air-cond, open ur window and feel the fresh air =)) nice one!

Finally habis jugak update, thanks alfro,nenek and qila for the holiday! it was so NICE! :)

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Anonymous said...

yg k-pop tuh xmenahan! ahahhaah