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Sunday, September 15, 2013


Basic sharing as so many info and other bloggers had blog about London :)

To survive London is pretty easy and comfort. Nothing much to worried as the country itself is wonderful and full with well mannered and civilize citizen. When u ask for direction and help they being really helpful. We spoke their language which makes things way easier. 

Upon landed in Heathrow Airport Terminal 4 (if u taking A380 from KLIA-London) u gonna pass thru the imegression. They'll basically ask why u come and where u gonna stay and pass. Nothing to declare, food can simply lepas not as strict as Melbourne, Australia airport. Not to worry there's a vending machine selling "SIM card" before u heading out of the Terminal 4. First ever country i saw sim card vending machine ;D. I'm used to Lebara in Aussie, so we bought Lebara numbers for 20 pound . U'll get the credit for call and also one month of internet. 

Bus tix to Victoria station London can be bought right outside the booth near the bus stand. Take bus cheaper than taxi. Upon reaching the Victoria station , check ur journey and hotel. There's a luggage store for bag there. 24hours about 4 pound per luggage. You can buy one day travel pass for Underground tube if u dont stay for so long. Cuz one day travel pass is unlimited u can used for as many journey u want in one day. But if u stay longer buy Oyster which more or less like Touch N Go in malaysia and Octopus card in HK. If u travel with heavy luggage, it is not suggested to travel by tube. If u really come London for travel and under budget please pack lightly and just bring backpack. Or if still wanna bring luggage, bus is more convenient and bring small change as bus tix can be bought when u take the city bus.  

Where to stay?
Like us we stay at one of the Malaysian who rent the room per day. Situated about 40-50 minutes from the main city of London. 30 pound per night . And ktorg mcm batak gila bila sampai white city sbb rumah kak azie at Hammersmith Hospital and we get down the nearest tube station White city. Air murah gila , wayy cheaper than London! heaven~ Evian water botol besar around 1++ pound. cool gila! 

If u travel all the way and nak tinggal kat london city, check it out tune hotel in Paddington or Westminster or Malaysian hall in Queensborough Street , Bayswater.  Tune hotel not so cheap but Malaysian Hall is 25 pound per head per night. quite cheap as the place is in the middle of London city. Upon the stay if u still want malaysia food, go to Tuk Din or Pak Awie. Pak Awie mmg sedap gila but during dinner time, Malaysian restaurant ni both were quite busy. Try to go in less peak hour mcm pkul 5pm or something. 7pm-8pm memang peak and lambat plus full. Tapi ade je Subway halal or other kebab halal , google la eh . Senang jugak halal food in London. 

Place to pray, try London Central Mosque or Islamic Center in Mayfair. A bit susah nak sampai by tube. try google the nearest tube to Mayfair and then take taxi from the station to the muslim center. Lelaki sembahyang kat atas, perempuan kat bawah. 

dont buy at Oxford street cuz u can get cheaper in Bayswater. seriously. I love London tshirt around 4.5pound each and keychain or fridge magnet at 1 pound per piece. in bayswater la. 

If u have any doubt just ask those at the counter. I've met the most charming guy who sell oyster card! haha. A footballer looks guy with harry potter accent kindly entertain my question regarding bus . :D i love London! hahah

so i hope i could help to give some people view about London. ciao!

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