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Friday, February 8, 2013

Backpacking to Krabi .

Sawadee ka!

Phi Phi Island, Krabi, Tailand is recommended! and MUST go!

Let start with

either by bus(from Kedah,Malaysia) through Hatyai or by Train or by plane.

(i)ticket Kuala Lumpur-Krabi during air asia promo return tix around = RM 206+.
(ii) Upon arrival in Krabi airport to hotel , there's taxi counter and van which could bring you to the hotel.
If taxi around 600bhat or rm60. If take private van a bit expensive around 1050 bhat. But itsokay if u come with a group of friends. Or wanna be the real backpacker on budget trip take a bus Airport-Ao Nang about 150 bhat which is approx rm15 per person. The bus will be right outside the terminal.


Recommended to stay in Ao Nang area (beach area). If in Malaysia, Ao Nang area  is almost the same like Pangkor Island. There's many hotel along the street and just walking distance to the beach. We've stayed 2nights in Ao Nang and 1 night in Krabi town. Krabi town from Ao Nang will take about 20-30 minutes journey. But i love to stay in Ao Nang rather than Krabi town.

We stayed in Hasana Place rm130 per night . Around 5-10 minute away to the beach if you take tuk tuk(taxi) .There's a lot of other backpackers and you can make lots of friend. It is preferable to book the hotel earlier because walk in a bit risky la. For muslim backpackers or tourist the Hasna Place hotel is manage by muslim and the restaurant down the hotel is Halal.
So not to worry in fact there's a lot of Halal food at the street stall. The taste is superb!

Our hotel is Hasna Palace , Ao Nang sunset is the first choice but the room are all fully book. So if u had a chance take those. If u have a LOT of budget Tipa Resort is recommended! (for honeymoon peeps lah)

Tadaaaa this is our hotel room!
The view is so cool! ade mountain2 gitu. hehee

The view from hotel room. simply amazing

3.[Travel agent]

For those who want to do water sport like snorkeling/kayaking/island hoping/ elephant trekking and any other activities around krabi tour agent  offer a lot of price. Just pick wisely.
Half day tour , full day tour . Just pick n pay!

The price was quite reasonable la. If you take private van from Krabi airport, usually the driver will stop by at any travel agent even if u didnt ask them to stop. But please do not take the travel agent there because its expensive. The best choice is to choose the tour package at the Ao Nang street near the beach area. Negotiate the price with them :)


As for Phi phi island tour package you can get around 1000 bhat = rm100+ . The starting price the agent offer is 1800 bhat, but we use the student power so they cut down price until 1200 bhat. As we walk along the street of Ao Nang the similar package with lunch n snorkel stuff around 1000 bhat. --'

Dont worry about airport transfer, there will be a lot of airport transfer service in Ao Nang area and you can book at the tour package.The standard price to the airport with tuk tuk 500-600bhat. same goes to the private van. so choose which one do u prefer :)

Example package brochure:

Inside the package, drinks on the boat included (coke & mineral water, lunch & fruits) lunch at the island and the restaurant serve Halal food. No beer can be bring there. If ragu2 ask the travel agent and ask halal food tak? selalunya halal. Cuz they consider about other muslim tourist.

Lunch like the local 

Amazing purely blend juice! Bliss at the street! Should give it a try tho ;)

How long u suppose to stay ?
3days 2nights tu the minimum. Recommended 4days and 3nights if you want to be around ao nang and krabi je. But if u do have extra budget go to phuket as well or Hatyai. They said Hatyai is shopping heaven! hehee :) . There's ferry to Phuket from Krabi.

Day 1
Flight early at 7.15am and reach Krabi airport around 7.30am. Sebab Thailand lambat satu jam :) hehe . Because we are 5 people so we take private van to our hotel.Ao Nang to Krabi Town ambik masa lebih kurg 30minit either by private van/tuk tuk. Without asking, the driver stop at one of the travel agent place at Krabi town. but its better not take any travel agent here pegi ao nang lagi murah. Could get the package for island tour semua tu at around 1000 bhat about rm100. (MAKE SURE tawar sampai u get this price, if they dont wanna give just leave and try to walk around and find other tour agent) .

Reached the hotel and check in. Then we start our adventure in Krabi. Its pretty blur on how to start our walking journey, lucky that the local help to stop the "tuk-tuk" local transport almost the same like taxi, but its actually a small four wheel lorry with benches. so about 200 bhat/ RM2 per person. Actually you can just walk , as the beach is walking distance from our hotel. Along the street there's street foods , shops, convenience store, travel agents booth, souvenir shops n spa massage/ foot reflexology place.

The view along the Ao Nang street

Walking around and dont missed sunset in Ao Nang around 6pm local time! 
The most romantica de amor ever ;) 
To get everyone in the photo, bring along tripod for camera. make it ur best buddy ever ;)

Sunset view @ Ao Nang Beach

The night view
Walk and walk, there's a lot of muslim and halal food. There's a lot of muslim local there. 
49% Krabi population are muslim, no worries. Even the toilet got pipe! weheeee! :)

If you have no idea what local food is try "tom yam" with white rice or "pad thai" or mango with sticky rice as the dessert . The taste is sooooo good.  
I can never get the good "tom yam" or "mango with sticky rice" with the same taste as in Thailand.
For some who didnt eat spicy tom yam is spicy but it taste so good to resist. 

Day 2 : To Phi Phi Island! (Tour package)

Free breakfast included @ hotel.
The driver for the tour pick us up in front of our hotel together with other tourist to Ao Nang beach.
At the drop off point everyone will be given their boat number and sticker.
Wait until the boat driver call your number then we are heading to the Beachhh! :)

Our boat!

Ok let's go to the beach! beach! XD
Free drinks on the boat :)

First pit stop ; Bamboo Island

Bamboo Island

The water is so CLEAR! :D

It is very tempting to swim and snorkelin' here. who would care of sun burn!!!! to beautiful to resist!

Second stop : Maya Bay
Subhanallah, fascinating much.

Boat crew! he helped us take photo.

3rd stop : Phi Phi Don for lunch

                                                                  Chillin and free sun tanning. 

4 stop : Monkey beach

Where they stop for us to swim and snorkeling!

Finished the tour at 4pm and driver send back to the hotel. 
Dont forget Camera, cap/hat, sunblock, handphone pun can bring over and put inside 
dry tube (waterproof bag) can get at shop along ao nang street around 280 Bhat . 

Tawar smpai u can get this price usually they'll put 350 bhat the original price before tawar menawar. 
and if u got underwater camera PLEASE BRING!

Street food @ Night + massage 

At night we go find street food to eat, trying out banana pancake and massage time! =)
Massage for 200-300 bath 60 minutes.

Thai pancake is a MUST try!

Day 3 : shopping part 2 and heading to Krabi Town

Free breakfast @ hotel 

Krabi town is a bit dull. Can ask the tuk tuk uncle bring u to see krabi town 1hour or 2hour. We take 1 hour which cost us about 300bhat per tuk tuk around 60 bhat per person. On weekend there's night market @ walking street in krabi town. At 9pm thai time all shop mostly close. It would be great if you try to check on elephant trekking, Emerald pool & cave tiger tour as well if you wish to stay longer.

Day 4 : Home sweet home!

Overall expenses

1.Food : 200bhat per meal
2.shopping : 1000 bhat or less. depends on how shoppaholic u are ;)
3.activity : 1000bhat ++
4.Tuk tuk : 160 bhat (along 4days sight seeing)
5.Massage : 200 bhat
6.Hotel : 2600 bhat in Ao Nang(2nights) + 1100 bhat in krabi town = (3700 bhat divide by travel mates)
7.Airport transfer (airport- Ao Nang hotel) : 1050 bhat per van  + 
(Krabi hotel-airport) from hotel to airport = 400 bhat. 

6000 bhat is enough for 4days & 3nights expenses include eat,shop,massage,activity,transport with extra 1000 bhat. So if u're heavy shopper, pls activate ur bank account to be used in overseas. I'm not a heavy shopper tho :)

*Sim card can get at 7eleven (47 bhat) and top up 200bhat. 

*Check weather before planning to go to beach area. January and feb is the most suitable month cuz summertime and hot. So the weather would be very good! :)

That's all from me! Bon voyage!

"hapy travelling people! its not necessary to stay at expensive place! save some money and go backpack!"

Photo : by me.
Brochure and hotel photo : from internet

and dear krabi, i'll come back one day. <3


jiranmafiarussia said...


thank you for the complete update fee. insyaAllah kot satu hari ada rezeki jejak kaki sana, honeymoon ke, aku carik kau dulu :D

Jennifer said...

Hello, thank you for the tips :)
I'm going to Thailand in May but I have only a "small" problem, still do not know how to organize myself there.
I arrive in Krabi in the the afternoon of the 6th, my idea was to be hosted in Ao Nang and go on day 7 for Phi Phi. On 9 I have my flight at 5PM in Phuket, so I have to be at the airport before of course. How can I organize myself? My priority was to visit Phi Phi and Khao Phing Kan (James Bond), but do not know if I have time? what advise me? Thank you

Muneer Hussain said...


Very interesting and beautiful blog, I really like and appreciate it. I am also planning to go to Krabi at the end of this year (December 2014).

H I D A Y A H F A U D Z I said...

Saya berpeluang ke Krabi Mac lepas and it is a wonderful place! Kami tengah plan untuk pergi ke sana lagi.

Yang paling tak boleh lupa, confirm la penkek dan padthai! Sedap weh!