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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Backpacking to Italy (Rome & Venice)

yello! :)

Its been 7 months from the time i visited this two places, now only I make time to write. Been busy with life and August is the catch up month and totally taking a break from things called "works".
So there u go my backpacking journey to the world highlight destination to Italy! :) If there's another chance to Italy i'll choose Capri Island :)

The journey start on early February 2014

Start of with Venice. Visited on February was chilly and wet weather. Low season indeed but it is difficult to walk in Venice in wet condition. As a person who love blue sky and cloud, i love summer/autumn :D

From Berlin we book easyjet for 40 Euro one way. Wayy cheaper to travel on weekdays in Low season!

I pick Hotel Albergo Marin for the stay in Venice. Its very near to Santa Lucia Train and not far from the bus drop off from the airport. From the airport there's a counter which u can buy water taxi transport, this will indeed will ease u to travel all the way in venice. Much adventure to walk by foot, but the building design confuse us . It took us sometimes to really digest the highlight area such as Rialto Bridge etc.

Albergo Marin receptionist was the best. He serve us welcome drink. Very thoughtful he prepared us fruit juice instead of alcoholic drink. Very thoughtful i must say. I'll comeback to this hotel if i ever come to venice again.

 The view from Rialto Bridge

 You have to enjoy the rain! dont "sigh" peeps, cuz when life gives u lemon, makes lemonade! :D

If u dont intend to feed the bird with 10 euro, avoid those at this area. 

Bridge of sight :D

we made it! backpacking to our fav place! :D

There's halal pizza in venice. Check out Zabihah.com. Its difficult to explain the route to this shop, just a very small shop , we walk all the way to find this shop, finally met! one slice is full enough.
The size is similar with big pizza in HK :DD

One night in Venice. Next is Roma!
When in Italy, every city is worth to travel by train. On our way to Roma we passed by a few famous city like Florence, Ancona etc. 

The journey takes about 5 hours with the train as fast as 200km/h

Helo Roma!
Upon reaching Roma Termini we head to our Hotel just 1km walking distance from the Termini. After check in and pray, we r heading to il Colosseo! :DD

 My cute little pie travel mates and yg tolong set up camera! ekekeke

Roma was raining in the evening until night! 
I couldnt resist to take photo so, set up my tripod and tada! hehe Some korean tourist was wondering what this little girl was doing in the middle! ehehe :D 

Thank you tripod! and thankyou love(my sony dslr) :DD 

After breakfast at hotel, we headed to Coloseum. Reach there around 9am. Still not so many peeps, i didnt buy online tix, just buy straightaway from counter, no hassle , no long queue. Infact there's an agent try to make a tour package. But i dont favour that, i dont like people to control my time, and the place i wanna go. We just walk on our own, stop wherever nice to take photos! :DD that's why i love backpacking! get to explore on my own feet :D happy feet!

  Cantikkkkkkkkkkkkkk! i just love to get lost here! lovely Roman Forum :)

It may be difficult to find a place to eat spaghetti at a restaurant with halal logo. But as long as u ask what's the ingredient , u can definitely eat it. I've ask this from pizza shop! There's lot of kebab, pakistant and indian resto for those who want halal food. But what's the point of coming far to Italy and not tryin' out their pasta and pizza aite? we had our spaghetti at restaurant near the Trevi fountain.
The spaghetti dont have wine inside , can ask to make sure. Pick out the tomato based and seafood!
then u can omnomnom :D

Based on construction technology subject, Roman road is one of the earliest road system before the start with rigid pavement etc. haha My godness when u study construction language pun construction based! :D teheee

When in rome do what romans do :DD
Eating Gelato during winter! cuz we CAN! hahah

Neat construction!

Wonder how they built this! is there any crane to carry this column. there's no such thing as pre-cast at factory and install on site. that's why they said "Rome wasn't built in a day" =)

  Enjoying the last night in Roma!

Heading back to frankfurt with ryannair! :))

In italy the souveniers were wayy cheaper than germany! u can get fridge magnet as low as 0.70 Euro.
But in Germany fridge magnet is 3 Euro per piece.

Travel and backpacking had taught me to have a lot more self courage and increase my living skill. I've talk to local while finding my direction there, spoke in their language, understand and learn their system. Enjoy the local food , walk and walk a lot. Tired but those priceless experience is what u will remember in the future. I'm not afraid of flying, not afraid of exploring, if i have chance i wanna try hitch hike :D, i know mom wont agree with this, but able to survive will make me smile ! Once travel with my classmate, just two girls in Macau, surviving just based on map fully. without any basic cantonese we just dress up, walk and stop wherever nice to take photo, based on map with public bus! i missed those moment.

my 2015 azam is...... i might put standard on who i wanna pick as my life partner,
 i want to grow old with someone who will be willing to be my backpacking mate :) .
Told ya i'm a hard girl for u to cope up with. I dont like to be stop for whatever i wanna do and chase. Dear a keeper, u cant keep me cuz i'm not living to be kept by you.
We shall explore and survive life together and see the world and appreciate the beauty. 

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