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Monday, August 31, 2015

Eat.Pray.Love ; Backpacking Bali 2015

:D After 6 months baru nak update. I picked to backpack on Feb just before the chinese new year holiday. Not travel on holiday to avoid the crowd.

As requested finally today I'm writing up all the essential backpacking tips, where do i ate, stay, transport etc. 5 days 4 nights the most ideal days in Bali. Bali is the sweet place tho, i think i've wrongly pick the destination but looking back all those photos that I have, seems like a pretty nice place to chill, watching sunset everyday at different location, eat and eat and eattt. Maybe learn how to surf ? (i checked the price at 300 000 IDR for one hour) . Quite reasonable rate. 

Very hectic previous days before i was on my annual leave. I've spend half day call quotation on saturday for my senior's tender. Cuz i've been away for a week freak him out.
I picked 15 feb - 19 Feb 2015 as for our travel date. 19,20 and weekend i can peacefully hibernating for my post travel syndrome :D

Approaching Bali!
The view subhanallah , fascinating much :)

The hotel we picked in Legian walking distance from Kuta Beach ; http://www.jocshotel.com/

Home for 5 days in Bali. Very comforting 3 stars hotel at IDR 579,000 and divided equally among travel mates.

As for the driver or local indonesian call "Supir" : https://www.facebook.com/pages/Tour-with-an-Unforgettable-Journey-to-Beautiful-Bali/171569856265605?pnref=lhc 

I've booked the hotel 1 month before fly and dealing up with Mr. Dewa the owner of the private van like 1-2 weeks before we arrived in Bali. He had assign Mr. Ketut for 5 days travel in Bali. 
Per day full from 8.30am-10pm (450 000 IDR) . so we divided the rental rate among all travel mates. The more mates the cheaper lah.

Its good if u can ride a scooter in Bali but we cant and we have like more than 2 people travellin together in fact takut sesat  , therefore a private van + supir is way cheaper for us. 

I had my own itinerary planned and that ease Mr. Ketut because we can always discuss our travel places and time .  So far all the places we want to go he brought us! thank you. I'll definitely come back to find him if i ever back in Bali.

My itinerary 

Day 1 : Reach the airport > check in hotel > strolling nearby > watch sunset at Kuta Beach > Dinner

This is Kuta !

watching sunset in Kuta Beach!
The view from this bar cool! so we just having soft drink and lemon tea to get sit :D

Day 2: Tanjong Benoa for snorkellin' > Padang-Padang Private Beach > Uluwatu > Jimbaran for sunset and seafood dinnah! :D

Tanjong Benoa ! :)

Padang-Padang Beach : The best private and recommended beach! 
for swimming and learn surfing :D

Swim in Padang-Padang Beach is not in our planning. But the first visit makes us fall in love and we decide to pick one day before back home to swim here :D teheee! and its such a wise decision. See how convenient travel/backpack without a tour agent or tour guide. flexible !  

The walkway to the beach was a bit challenging tapi ok. bring ur own foods and water cuz those that they sell they were pricey.

The scenery at Padang- Padang Beach .

Very niceeee private beach. Mostly who spend their days here are those foreign tourist . 

Free sun tanning! 


Romantic Jimbaran !

Day 3 : Ubud & Kintamani/ Mount Batur

Mount Batur!

Reasonable buffet Lunch facing this view in Kintamani

On the way back from Kintamani stop by at Coffee Shop . Free coffee tester. 

Last Day : Tanah Lot for sunset view & Shopping!

Satisfying much. Romantic place to go. Good beach to surf . Good food .

Budget per person
1. Hotel = 145,000 IDR for 5 days 4 nites
2.Flight tix return MAS = RM500+
3.Supir/Driver (4 days full + airport transfer ) =600,000 IDR /travel mates . ~ 100,000 IDR per person
4.For food + shoppings + activities = I change for 2,000 000 IDR which is RM600
5. Water sport = snorkelling for 200,000  IDR per person

1.Rent a car/mini van with the driver if travel with many friends very reasonable .
2. No need travel agent. Just do some research where u want to go. The driver can make it even u want to travel from Kuta-Kintamani (3 hours jouney)
3.Bali tax for foods are quite high. So the food is not so cheap. But still we can enjoy to the max!
4. We skip all those paid performance. The entrances fees for Uluwatu etc can be check online. Many of their entrance have to pay. But we budget backpackers just pick those we really want and worth to visit. Like Uluwatu. Beaches are free entrance. Kintamani have to pay the entrance.
5.For souvenirs shopping u can get the cheapest and can bargain at Tanah Lot!
6.Try out terang bulan, ayam bakar wong solo, pisang goreng keju etc!

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