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Friday, February 14, 2014

Backpacking to Germany 2014

Salam and Hi.

As requested by some friends, here u go about some info to travel in Germany or italy. But this entry will focus on Germany. I'll do separate entry about backpacking to Italia.
**(P/s: I will write in mix language english and Bahasa).

Told Qila Din about my 2014 plan, i wanted to to Germany, but we didnt seriously plan as she was busy and i am busy. But have some time as 4th year Semester 1 QS student in UM not as hectic as 3rd year. So i kinda voice out to mom and dad nak gi Germany and give the date. I have a friend which i know for few days in UTP Edu camp interview in 2008 kot and ask which date she not busy and available.
And I checked Bayern Munich match time table. 2 Feb 2014 bayern play against Frankfurt and on 8 Feb Bayern play against Nuremberg. So there u go our travel date was on 30 January - 10 February 2014.

Italy was not in the plan but then masa tengah mengaji tuhan turunkan ilham gerakkan hati tambah destinasi mula2 Venice sbb boleh take connection train with Munich but then destinasi bertambah ke Rome. Since the airplane ticket to Europe is not cheap and i dont know when will i be able to come again , alang2 tu pegi je lah. But check budget.

Route in Germany 

Majorly travel via train in Germany known as (Deutsch Bahn,DB). German had such a good train connection to every of the city u wish to go and its very comfortable! Even local, youth,business people prefer to take train instead of self driving. There's toilet which is almost the same like airplane toilet and even better. U can eat on train, there's restaurant inside or to save u can pack some bread or cook on ur own and eat inside the train. Ktorg makan nasi and masak lemak dlm train bawak bekal ;). haha

Please check whether u are entering first class or second class cuz we almost got into wrong part of the train pastu lari macam marathon takut kena tinggal. The train is very very punctual. It will come like few minutes earlier and when the train info tulis boarding on 10.32am for example it will travel on that time and sapa lambat tinggal. Its better early than late. Seminit pun tak tunggu unless it is updated delay.

(i)German Rail pass
We buy online 4days pass for German Rail pass : https://www.facebook.com/germanrailpasses?fref=ts   (Quite expensive i must say tp better than buy per journey) .

(ii)Bayern ticket (to travel cheaper in group in Bayern/Bavaria area)
Know this from local. Can buy at ticket machine at train station. The cheapest way to buy tix train
How the ticket function ? one person buy will cost 23 euro and the next person need to add 4 euro per person. So later divide among all. Some local even find those who want to travel the same journey and combine. So u can sav up. Like us Travel 4 person (23 euro + (4euro x 3 add person) = 8.80euro per person.

(iii) Day ticket : 24 hours
For tour around the places. For example Munich/Berlin/Frankfurt day tour u can take S-Bahn or U-Bahn or Bus with the day ticket around 6.7euro-7euro. The price varies according to ur location.

We use the bayern tix to travel to Fussen and to Salzburg from Nuremberg HBF station.

Upon landed in Frankfurt airport, we go to DB information office to activate and validate the rail pass. If tak validate u cannot board on the train. Then we ask the DB info center how to go to Berlin, which train should we take. So from Frankfurt Flughafen(Airport) - Frankfurt Main Hbf - Berlin Hbf.

Hbf stand for Hauptbanhof which mean main train station. Simply imagine macam KL Sentral. Sapa nak naik train gi Singapore any long distance train must take on this station call "Hbf". Frankfurt Flug. -> Frankfurt Main Hbf around 10 minutes by train. When we reached Frankfurt Hbf we check the schedule train to Berlin Hbf.

Frankfurt Hbf 

ICE : The fastest train.

[Berlin] : 31 Jan 2014

 Frankfurt Main Hbf-Berlin Hbf : 4 hours by Train. Reached Berlin at 2pm. Store luggage at the Hbf all our backpack atok kat berlin tu bagi locker paling besar, semua bag sekali masuk 6 euro.

Buy day tix berlin and not to forget validate the tix. Ask local where to validate cuz that is the only option when u blur. haha Learn some basic german words. Germany people were mostly nice so far that we met. There is tourist info which u can ask anything in english some of them commnicate well in English and while stdying Berlin map, one of the mas ask do we need help? he taught us how to go to the Berliner Dom.

Berlin was snowing masa ktorg sampai :)) excited dan batak sekejap.

Lepas dah pegang tangan terus beku! pastu serik x pegang dah salji! ahaha Some local just laugh at us cuz we are such hapy kids masa jumpa snow. since dlm train lagi hahaha

Berliner Dom!

Bradenburg Tor

Then take taxi from Berlin Hbf - Restoren Nusantara (Indonesian Halal food)
For halal food address and location can check at Zabihah.com

 Can pray upon request. Ada tempat solat just ask. They speak indonesian with us . Very frenly :)

Around 8pm head back to Berlin Hbf and ask the information how to go to Berlin Schonefeld Airport. Can be reach by train. We use the day pass and our day pass zone ABC valid till Berlin Airport Schonefeld. Stayed here bcz we got an early morning flight at 9.40am to Venice. Europe is well connected either by rail or by air. Try check Ryannair or Easyjet (both macam air asia) which route or places u want to take date and bajet.  

Hotel in Berlin Schonefeld : http://www.hotelbb.de/en/berlin-airport
around 56++ euro per night for 3 person.
Take taxi from the train station to the hotel cuz the journey cannot be done by walking and around 15 minutes to the hotel. 

Taxi Berlin Schonefeld airport-Hotel : 11 to 17 euro

Berlin Schonefeld-Venice Marco Polo ticket : 46+ Euro per person (one way) around less than RM200.
Berlin Budget
Food per meal 4.9euro-7euro
Drink hot choc : 2.20 euro
Souvenir (FM) : 3 euro per piece. we didnt buy any souvenier in berlin
Taxi : 10 euro share per person
Day pass berlin : 7 euro
Locker : 2 euro per person

[Frankfurt] : 4 Feb 2014

Nothing much to see in Frankfurt as for me because the place it self is Central Business District(CBD) macam KL.


 Check ingredients before buy. 1 euro je ! cheap ritter sport in Germany! 

Makan halal food dekat Thai fun. Just google the street. Just walking distance from Frankfurt Main Hbf. 

Then we take our train from Frankfurt Hbf to Nuremberg Hbf (2 hours journey)

In bayern area ktorg stay rumah intan from 4feb smpai 9feb. Nasib baik intan dah habis exam so dia la yg bawak and ajar ktorg teroka area bayern. So we save the budget for accomodation in Bayern area :D Thanks intan!

[Munich] : 5 Feb 2014
Day tour. From Nuremberg to Munich Hbf aroun 1hour and 30 minutes if u take ICE train, if Regional Bahn or Regional Express train aroun 2 hours. Reached Munchen we take day pass for train access and study which S-Bahn to Allianz arena. Around 30 minute journey. Munich train station was quite complicated. haha

Allianz Arena tour tix : 10 euro per person. The ticket seller will ask u want to tour in English or Deustch. So tunggu la sampai tour start.

Just eat bread,pastry and coffee no heavy food in Munich. Ktorg makan sehari sekali je, haha epic aite? pastu jalan smpai nak tercabut kaki. we didnt do any shopping at all :D haha

Fussen  @ Neuschwanstein Castle : 6 Feb 2014

View from inside the castle of King of Bavaria. Subhanallah

Cantik tapi tengok lama2 creepy! 
The king was claimed died of mental illness. Tapi ktorg cam tak caya. 

 To climb the castle we take Horse ride around 6 euro per person. Balik walk down by foot. Horse no more at 4pm. The journey walking down :) Tinggi nak naik pkai kaki. kalau yang tak larat or elderly naik la horse. During summer got bus but winter bus takde bcz the road was slippery due to snow. 

[Salzburg, Austria] : 7 Feb 2014

Day tour 5 hours pegi , 5 hours balik. Penat but worth it :D Salzburg border Germany. 
The people ist sprechen deutsch! 

Use bayern ticket as explain earlier. Bayern tix valid start 9am and we buy on the day of travel :) 
Valid for bus, train return journey on the same day and etc around germany. In Austria need to buy day pass around 3.40 euro kot for bus and  lain2

View dalam train 


Must eat food in Salzburg! and hot choc!

Ktorg makan roti smpai x larat nak makan dah roti. Balik rumah smpai around 10pm then masak meggi!
Untuk solat we just did jama' qasar dalam train untuk zohor asar sbb distance semua tempat jauh2. And kadang just solat dkt locker area sbb xde org and belakang escalator. So far germany people doesnt mind about ur practice and religion. They dont harm. You can ask them in local language if u want. Tapi takde masalah la in Germany to solat. Kalau nak cari betul2 masjid or tempat solat selalu jauh and limited time.

 Bayern ticket example :)

For other transportation
 such as day pass, taxi, airport transfer tak edit pun but more or less in 100 euro , 

 just buy germany no around 17 euro for one week. 

meals/food varies
Bread : 1.50-2.50 euro
Doner Kebab : 2.50euro
Yorma's cofee : 1.10euro per cup
Rice or heavy meal : 4.9 euro - 9 euro per meal 
pizza one big slice : 2.50 euro

for football live match in Nurnberg 
we bought earlier online around 50 euro! through viagogo (reliable 3rd party) cuz the official tix sold out in less than 24hours --' 

Colosseum n allianz arena tour on the spot ticket

Souveniers varies.
 In rome and venice fridge magnet cheap around 0.70euro -1 euro but in germany the fridge magnet 3euro-4euro per piece. 

Main transport 
Rail pass : 160 euro (Berlin,Munich.Frankfurt return,Nurnberg)
Easy jet : 47 euro+ (Berlin-Venice)
Ryannair : 20-30 euro (Rome-Frankfurt)
Trainitalia (Venice-Rome) :39 euro
Bayern ticket  (to fussen & to salzburg): 18 euro

Daily expenses
around 10-30 euro (Makan and some small transport on the spot)

1.Do research before come, learn some basic local words, if blur or lost just ask people and ask ur hotel receptionist whatever u want to know cuz most of them speak english well.
2. Airplane ticket was cheap on Tuesday and wednesday cuz people less travel on the this day. (read this  from travel book ;) )
3.Emirates often offer cheap flight tix. last time tengok KL-Paris CDG return rm2100++ 
4.It was good if u have fren at the place u wanna visit, cuz u can explore and understand the country system and live like local. I've gain a lot from Intan :D and i love how Germany mkes things and system easier for the citizen! and they are civilized just like UK people and aussie people
5.Book major ticket transportation online, and reserve hotel earlier online and always read review from trip advisor to ensure that u pick the best accomodation and read about the safety of the places u want to visit. Be careful with ur bag. Some places just full of pick pocket contoh Rome and paris.
6.Avoid those pemintak sedekah jalanan. pity urself first. 
7.Last minute hotel booking or train tix or flight tix price is extreamly high. 3 months before travel usually the fares is cheap enough. Travel during winter is consider low season n hotel is cheap and lots of promo tapi sejuk gila la tahan 0' Celcius and short day cuz 4 or 5pm dah gelap. But summer got massive visitor and some shops were close too. 

Well u do not need to be rich to travel , save up some money, buy airplane ticket and think how to survive later after dah secure airplane tix. I dont prefer travel agent, I like to travel freely according to my own plan and i can go wherever i want without people try to restrict my journey. Why waste on travel agent when u can use the money u pay to the agent for another flight tix? ;) , Maybe will use travel agent for the places require VISA. or suggested to use travel agent when u travel with elderly :). Style travel ktorg mmg nak tercabut kaki la i must say, we DONT really shop! 

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