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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

what's in melbourne?

so, what's in Melb ?

Ni sebenarnya study trip under QS department untuk green building project ktorg 3rd year students. Thanks to the committee who struggled hard for this. without them, we wont set our foot there. danke! :D

art city.heritage.town.green.tram.

upon visiting ktorg dapat masuk uni melbourne which is very harry potter-ish. best cuz of the green and heritage building.

Melbourne University

The tram connects the places and streets around the city well. mula2 nampak complicated tapi after few days, those street start to make sense, rupanya jalan dia bentuk square je. kalau x nak naik tram pun sampai je jalan kaki, depends on tahap kerajinan dan kemalasan. Kalau nak compare masa hk dulu, ktorg jalan lagi jauh sampai kaki lunyai la. so xde la culture shock sgt kena banyak jalan kat sini. Cuma nak drive kat sini nampak complicated. The people here sangat polite and civilized. The gov banyak buat rules for their people and that is how they civilize them. Orang yg mabuk cnot simply jalan kat jalan raya, parking pun x boleh salah2, kalau x mmg kena la bayar denda. Due to lack of energy supply sbb diorg depends on coals they need to maximize and generate energy dari solar panels, rain water harvesting to supply water and lots of green techs yg lain. Some of the building mmg reached 6 stars green rating. Kat roof top of the building mostly ada wind turbines, solar panels and rain water harvesting tu. See how cool is the city ;) Tour around city mmg sekejap je.

Walk around la to see the heritage buildings, modern buildings, nak pegi yarra river and DFO can simply be covered in 2 days, kaau terror la. tapi boleh je habis visit in 2 days. Ktorg tinggal kat backpackers area Elizabeth street which is sgt dekat dgn Victoria market, uni melbourne. Strategic la.

Flinder's Station (Last station)

once u got off frm this station, ade Lord of fries(halalan toyyiban) and starbucks plus a walking distance to Federation square. mall kot , ktorg x masuk, tapi kalau malam cool gila sbb boleh tgk football match sbb ade big screen outdoors. :D

Yarra river (near DFO)

Yarra at night

When the other girls busy shop, me and put busy shoot. haha

Victoria market

heaven place to shop souvenirs! consider cheap in dollar $$$$ ka ching! Cuz my dad dulu2 kala live here, he kept on ask me to go vic market, vic market --'. Its open everyday except Monday on Wednesday if i'm not mistaken la. if not then google yaw people :D

if travel to Aussie plan to take agent to go and see Australian outback after dah habis city tour. There's a lot of things u can see at country side. We manage to go Philip Island

Meet roo roo, the kangaroo. 

But this is not la, ni cousin dia, ni bukan kangaroo. Looks the same but smaller than roo roo

Random pick!

JUMPSHOT! its a must . hahaa 

Old tram baby.

Total expenses : 460 AUD (foods+philip island tour(80$+ souvenirs(110$)) filght tix,accomodation,transport sponsored by isc :)

We had left our footprints in melbourne,aussie. So where next ? ;)

photo: by fee 

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Anonymous said...

pah dolly this. tag me on twitter after reading this.. ehehhe cane eyh amik gambar flinders station tu cam majestic gila. kagum tgk! walhal if tgk dekat die tak contrast sgt centu.. ehehehe