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Saturday, March 3, 2012

#Chapter 5 : Spring March in HK :)

Its day Five .

while preparing my self i heard one text msg get into my phone. I check and its from Johnson. He asked "how are u recently?" he might be worried as i didnt met or contact him even we are not far from each other . I'm fine and i know he is very busy too and i dont want to bother him until he settle his stuff . Me and other coursemates also busy with our assignments and study . So i understand Johnson's situation . Hope to meet him soon . He is my AIESEC friend that i met at the conference in UKM . I'm glad that in my staying here , there are sweet people around who keep on taking care of me . Thankful for that :)

We had our last class and tutorial later on surprising Bibi! happy bday bibi, sweet 22 ! celebrating bday in HK ! wohooo :D

Today not so cold, its spring! i can see the sun, and the blue sky . Finally i can see the sun! its here . hahaaa i see the sun almost everyday in Malaysia but in HK its very bless to have sun. The weather and temperature just nice to walk around outside. About 20 degree celcius and kak siti invite us eat more delicious food rather than maggie ! i tot i would end up eating maggie or sandwich again LOL . We found Turkish restaurant . What more ? order rice la. Should appreciate rice more even i dont eat rice a lot . Lucky to have good food .It cost me about 55 HKD + 5HKD(service charge)

The streets . Tsim Tsa Shui is veryyyyy pretty! Love it !

Kowloon Park

The mosque :)

Random random random photos =)

because i ate good lucnh , simple dinner for me just a packet of VONO potato soup with mushroom & a mug of hot choc .

Sweet suite-mate come and give apple :) have a chat for awhile before gone to bed . Good nite and have another good day for tmoro and the rest :)

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