“Life is either a daring adventure or nothing. -Helen Keller”

Friday, November 17, 2017


I have questioned previously why i have no feels ?,
but now i want Allah to take back those feeling, 
so that it wont hurt me,
if its not for me. 


Friday, September 29, 2017

Semporna,Sabah Backpacking 2017.

Semporna,Sabah [5 days 4 nights]

It’s been a dream and it’s a must visit place. I’ve been to Sabah on 21 Feb 2017 – 24 Feb 2017. I know that many hesitate to go due to safety issue, but trust me when u go there everything is okay and the Marine team and police Malaysia take safety at very high responsibility. It safe unless u’re staying in the island and there’s unexpected intruders. But during my stay everything was okay and safe. This time only 2 girls travelling. Me and my ex-roomate in college(Mar).

1. Transport
(i)Flight: Kul-Tawau (Return) = RM200+
(ii)Airport Transfer (Shuttle Van): RM20-25/Person (One way)

2. Accomodation
Sipadan Inn Hotel (Semporna) = RM110/night x 3 nights = RM 330/2 = RM165/person

 3.Food : RM15-20/Per meal (Too expansive , even more expansive than KL)

4.Snorkelling(Whole day) to Bohey Dulang, Mantabuan Island and Sibuan Island = RM165/person + Rental Scuva Diving Equipment = RM135/person.

5.Souvenirs : Can be bought at Dragon Inn Floating Chalet.

Day 1(Hotel area and Semporna Jetty):
Upon arrival, there’s this instagrammer that manage ppl who want to visit Semporna help to arrange our shuttle van and pick up at airport. We deal before I’m take off from KL. We just touring around the semporna jetty area and its just simple small town. Everything is expansive and we decide to buy mineral water,snacks all in Giant. There’s Giant walking distance from our Hotel.

Day 2(To the Island) : Bohey Dulang – Mantabuan - Sibuan
We get Jaafar(boatman) contact from Dwan(Intagram boatman). So Jaafar will be our Tour guide, hikeman(tak ingat nama) and scuba instructor. I didn’t plan for any dive but Jaafar offer such a good affordable rate for diving . Kadang good opportunities come without plan, xsure but I say Yes to dive.
Morning we breakfast then went to Bohey Dulang for the Hike. Its super beautiful! Ada atok kung fu  dari China hike sekali, dia fit gila, ktorg yg slowmo tercungap-cungap. Putus nafas jugak. Sapa nk hike tu just chill2 and slowly. Its only 600m height. I’m alone with them tapi diorang baik2 sangat. So its really nice experience hiking with local and foreigners.
My suggestion is that you can go with the package yang 9 Island and include makan etc cuz its super affordable. Standard rate for snorkeling would be around RM200-220. If u want to include Mabul and Kapalai this would need other day.

This is where the Bajau Laut ppl live. Singgah jap, Jaafar amik barang.


 Bohey Dulang

 Play Tourist sikit

Mantabuan Island (Lunch and first dive)

30 minutes briefing on how to familiarize w equipment

Dive in Mantabuan 

 We dive until 10m depth tapi 5-10minit je. cuaks. weh haha
But achievement unlock i must say. dont nervous .
chill and learn to control pressure.
Every 3meter kena release pressure from the ear. and thank God Jaafar is chill instructor. i wanna go back and learn from him, the most penyabar instructor. 

Major lovee! view from boat


Snorkelling in Sibuan



Overalls its supernice, Malaysian Maldives! Hehe.

Its freaking exhausted to hike, dive and snorkelling on the same day. arrange ur iti accordingly people! 

Its good to stay in the Island like Mabul, cuz u gotta have better sunset and scenery. 

Backpacking to South and North Island , NZ 2017

(i)Ticket AAX : KUL-AUCKLAND = RM1000+ (Return) + Seat+30kg luggage+Meal Onboard (rm400+) =TOTAL =RM1400.
(ii) Jestar : Auck-Christ-auck = RM 150+ (Return)

(iii) Car rental in Christchurch (Snap Rental) = 40NZD+/day x 7 days (They upgrade us to New Nissan Xtrail like a boss)
(iii) Bus(in auckland) = 5 NZD
(iv) Super shuttle van (airport transfer) = 30NZD (Return)
(v) Uber = 20NZD+

Accommodation (6 Apartment/Motel/Guesthouse)
1.Auckland – Colombia Apartment (2 nights)
2.Christchurch – Aotea Motel (2 nights)
3.Twizel Holiday Park – (2 nights)
4.Arrowtown Guesthouse Apartment (2 nights) – My fav!
5.Dunedin Holiday Park (1 night)
6.Christchurch Holiday Park(1 night)
7.Overnight in Auckland Airport (1 night)

Food = Mostly we cook together, we brought 15kg food from Malaysia haha. So we save up a lot and buy some fresh groceries in Countdown and ‘Pak n Save’.
Souvenirs shopping = Cheapest in Queenstown, South Island.

Budget = RM5000-6000/person(Overall)
1.Flight = RM1.4K
2.Accomodation+Jetstar+Car Rental+Fuel = RM2.5K
3.Food etc = RM1K(Less)
4.Souvenirs = RM500(Less)
5.Activity = 100 NZD(RM300+)
Total = RM5800~RM6000.

North Island
17/8/2017: Day 0 (Kul – Gold Coast – Auckland!
18/8/2017: Day 1 (Arrival)
19/8/2017: Day 2 (Auckland City/Albert Park/Victoria Harbour/Skytower)
20/8/2017: Day 3 (Domain Winter Garden + Domain Area)
21/8/2017: Day 4 (Mt Eden and fly to Christchurch)

South Island
22/8/2017: Day 5 (Christchurch city/Hagley Park/Museum/Art Gallery)
23/8/2017: Day 6(New Brighton Beach > Sumner Beach > Tempat Cantik Nampak kambing
24/8/2017: Day 7 (Lake Tekapo > Chapel of Good Shepard > Lake Pukaki)
25/8/2017: Day 8 (Aoraki Mount Cook (Hooker Valley Trail) whole day
26/8/2017: Day 9 (Goldfield > The Remarkables Mount Ski > Queenstown area)
27/8/2017: Day 10 (Queenstown Cable car & Luge > Lake Wakatipu > Nugget Point, Otago > Dunedin)
28/8/2017: Day 11 (Dunedin > Tunnel Beach > Katiki Light House > Moeraki Boulders)
29/8/2017: Day 12 (Dunedin > Christchurch)
30/8/2017: Day 13 (Christchurch – Auckland Airport)
31/8/2017: Day 14 (Auckland – Gold Coast-Homey Home!)

Tips (Comfort , leisure with a reasonable budget)
1.We are targeting South Island , Hence we spend most of the time in South while only cover Auckland for North Island. It took us about 2 weeks. If you are ambitious enough then can make it 3-4weeks to cover North as well. Our iti suit those who want to see nature , enjoy the view without rushing and take a lot of photo , stopping by the roadside randomly whenever we want happily. Haha

2.Accomodation for 4 person in Motel, guesthouse, apartment were really comfortable as u can cook, much economical when divide accordingly with travel mates. The feel is like living there locally, doing the laundry, cook , shop groceries etc.  We hopped from one town to one town and stay at different accommodations cuz the distance for each was quite far.

3.Car Rental only in South, no need snow chain unless u are climbing the ski area during heavy snow. But no heavy snow at the end of winter season. GPS u can set up offline map earlier in your home country and save the GPS rental cost.

4.Aoraki Hooker Valley Trail took about 3-4hours if you want to stop every second taking photo. The view is worth the walk. Bring snacks n water and wear appropriate footware and clothes, the wind boleh terbang! Hahaha. Tiring but lovely gils!

5.Queenstown area accommodation and Mt Cook area are super expansive . So staying at the nearby not so famous town is better . We stayed in Arrowtown instead of Queenstown(20 min drive) and we stay in Twizle(30min+ from Mt Cook).

6. Airport Auckland is so krik krik, KLIA2 or KLIA are way better. You can overnight but it will be tiring if you are old. So if u would like to have some comfort can try to check in nearby hotel. Their airport luggage storage is quite expansive. Its around 9 NZD per BAG! HAHA . Jadi pikir2 kan lah.

7.Winter makes ur skin become super dry, u can buy local moisturizer in NZ which suit the weather. Sunblock is a MUST too!

8.Its gonna be super long journey so, pick the travelmate that can match the way you travel and can tolerate each other well. And it will be an unforgettable journey together. Until now we are all still having post vacay withdrawal syndrome. Haha and I open the photo album almost everyday.

My travelmates are the best. Kaka is the best wifey material, she cooks well, she cleans well, mengemas etc.

Mar is the best photographer dan penghibur dan penenang keadaan, keje dia samak pinggan mangkuk kat situ hehe.

Alfro is the leader, time keeper n best planner. Its our second time cooperate in activity travel together , first in South Korea and no doubt he is the best.

Well, am looking forward for other future kerjasama travel with em. Haha.

Thanks peeps! U know who you are.


Thursday, September 21, 2017

This morning a fren said " why dont we just plant in our heart not to fixed it with anyone that is not yet legally halal with us" ?

hmmm, at this moment, i had already throw away feelings, or to have any feelings etc. For the first time, i know my heart is still functioning, but this time wiser, without wanting anything but i want ease from The Almighty. I want to have chance to visit Baitullah first . and that is what feeling that i have and i really wish that Allah will grant me and redha and invite me to. amin

I've cross path w many different humans, the more i run the more Allah want me to pass through it and feel the pain and come back to Him and now feeling grateful. My requirement is simple enough i will accept a muslim, from the family that will accept me and which my family accept, the one that could tolerate and understand and i accept the person for the sake of Allah, having the same interest which is travel, and wont stop my dream to further my study if i wanted to continue one day.

I dont want to put any hope and giving out any hope . Ask from Allah and if He open my heart to you and ease out everything , that will be the answer.

Sunday, August 6, 2017


"Ridha" is derived from radhiya yardha meaning accept something sincerely without feeling frustrated or depressed. Related to Iman, ridha is devided into two kinds, Ridha of Allah to His servants, and ridha of His servant to Him. As Allah hinted in His firman " .... Allah being pleased (ridha) with them and they with Him ..." (Qur'an 98:8)

However, ridha doesn't means accept anything without motivation to change the fate or get something better. Someone who ridha with what Allah has given to him still must have motivation to get something better. 
Ridha is being pleased with taqdeer that Allah has written to us, but not being pleased with naseeb that happen to us. If we get sick we should not ask 'O, Allah, why you give me an illness?", but also we should not being pleased with the illness and thinking "I ridha with this illness and I will not cure myself". 

By the way, there is a story related to ridha. One day Umar bin Khattab was walking when suddenly the rain fell. Umar immediately ran for shelter. Someone saw it and asked him "O, Umar, why do you run away from Allah destiny?". Umar replied "I run away from one Allah destiny to the another His destiny".
(Source : 
https://www.islamicboard.com/ )

Its not easy sometimes, but with The Almighty by our side, nothing seems impossible. He will indeed heal me, heal you and heal us. No matter what we are facing, i wish that all those pain akan Tuhan angkat slowly. insya Allah amin.