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Sunday, August 6, 2017


"Ridha" is derived from radhiya yardha meaning accept something sincerely without feeling frustrated or depressed. Related to Iman, ridha is devided into two kinds, Ridha of Allah to His servants, and ridha of His servant to Him. As Allah hinted in His firman " .... Allah being pleased (ridha) with them and they with Him ..." (Qur'an 98:8)

However, ridha doesn't means accept anything without motivation to change the fate or get something better. Someone who ridha with what Allah has given to him still must have motivation to get something better. 
Ridha is being pleased with taqdeer that Allah has written to us, but not being pleased with naseeb that happen to us. If we get sick we should not ask 'O, Allah, why you give me an illness?", but also we should not being pleased with the illness and thinking "I ridha with this illness and I will not cure myself". 

By the way, there is a story related to ridha. One day Umar bin Khattab was walking when suddenly the rain fell. Umar immediately ran for shelter. Someone saw it and asked him "O, Umar, why do you run away from Allah destiny?". Umar replied "I run away from one Allah destiny to the another His destiny".
(Source : 
https://www.islamicboard.com/ )

Its not easy sometimes, but with The Almighty by our side, nothing seems impossible. He will indeed heal me, heal you and heal us. No matter what we are facing, i wish that all those pain akan Tuhan angkat slowly. insya Allah amin. 


Friday, August 4, 2017

Helo August! :)

After gone through the tricky July,

i know that there's some people that had been chosen to go through difficulties in their life,
which way heavier than us,
sometimes God chose us to help em' , to sooth em' and cheer them a lil bit,
yes life is not easy,

Our Lord, and lay not upon us a 
burden like that which You laid upon those before us. Our Lord, andburden us not with that which we have no ability to bear.(2:286 Al-Baqarah)

but The Almighty is closer than our vein to help,
to pick us where we were at our most lowest point,
and there will be the day that I do not wish for anything but to thank Him enough for everything,
the day where i do not want anything worldly had come . and i wish it will last

having class on weekend distract me for awhile,
there's tiny little happiness maybe ada barakah in gaining knowledge,
even lazy but i am dragging my self to attend the class,
and always come out from class smiling and feeling grateful,
Glad that i make the choice to attend the Arabic class.
i am relieved and bless.
Be good August insya Allah .
May everything that we were struggling for and hoping for will be eased and bless.


Sunday, July 23, 2017

Productive July.

I've enrolled in Arabic class. The first class was yesterday. Quite ok and it's good to reminisce back my standard 1 to 6 belajar bahasa arab dulu. Dulu macam terpaksa gila cuz its a must and got exam. But this time around i'm willing to start off again. I'm glad that my parent sent me off to the school yang kena blaja arab, tajwid etc masa kecik so i have the basic which ease me now . I can write , i can read and now is understanding the meaning and sebut makhraj yang betul.  

The academy is good and the Ustaz was from Yemen. There's free lecture from Dr. Bilal Philip this coming Tuesday. I used to retweet the wording from him cuz its soothing and always strike to remind me . I'm glad i have different life rather than just working. 

Last few days , read up somewhere, wardina had graduated in psychological science. i wanted to take psychology as study too, tapi xtau macam mana nak start , but i'll figure out how. I like those behavioral study since class Prof Hadi lagi. one day i'll definitely will expand my knowledge from somewhere. and maybe after Arabic i will finish my grade 6,7,8 of my piano. its been such a long break already. dulu too busy with works now i want to slow down , and arrange my self to do things i want for my self. it feels so good , there's something to achieve and knowledgeable. 

Kesian chester, he killed himself. If someone could guide him to rely on God and trust that God will heal him . If he did mesti dia hidup lagi. But its written his path camtu. nothing to comment cuz hidayah milik Allah. 

till then. 

Saturday, July 8, 2017

July !

Living as an belum adult i guess.
Another pain , after the one in last year end of April there come another pain from the unexpected lady boss. semalam mmg sakit but bearable. but i'm tired of that pain. really.

but yet again, this is the sign, sila plot penghijrahan company dengan kadar segera, its good that i'm not reacting or arguing but just listen with my Plan B dalam hati. Silent can win the game too.

no matter how much i dont want to meet people that keep messing up and having dramatically drama, i will still either bump onto them or have to deal with em. It somehow slowly mature me, toughen me, and taught that life should be seen in a positive and grateful ways. There's always lesson in everypain. tapi sakit la. there's tears to pay when u work in the construction industry. Kenapa tah, belaja tak sakit camni, tapi keje memang . . .  . . .  speechless.

Those friends around me sekarang mostly tgh heartbreak, so what i learn is that i dont want dramatic people, i dont want complex n complicated people.
I just want a person that i can be peace around with.
A person that wont trigger my anger, my emotions, my anger much. cuz i'm tired much really. I dont want to understand cold shoulder peeps cuz i dont know how to handle  and cannot understand.

Everyone ada their own pain, and for me i'm not interested in having to go through those unnecessary heartache.

If u being kind bcz of Allah, Let Allah repay ur kindness,
but if u kind cuz expecting anything from me, please dont cuz i'm not into picking up people and not gonna insert em' to be part of my memories. Those who were there, were good to just be there, those who are new, belum crosspath, belum jumpa no need to.

I'm retiring from those heart things. really. sincerely.

Thursday, June 22, 2017

The amazing Khadija RA :')

Khadija had qualities Maturity, wisdom, intelligence, loyalty, generosity and courage.

He replied: “Indeed Allah did not grant me better than her; she accepted me when people rejected me, she believed in me when people doubted me, she shared her wealth with me when people deprived me, and Allah granted me children only through her.”

We all need that one person, at least, to believe in us implicitly. To know our mettle. To bring out the best in us. To be our fallback. We need to know in moments of fear and insecurity and vulnerability that there is someone who will stand by me, no matter what. And the bigger and more important a human’s intended task or goal and the better the substance of that person, I believe sincerely that the better will be the person Allah chooses to complement you. To facilitate an ultimate aim. For Prophet Muhammad (saw), Allah chose Khadija (ra).

She fulfilled all his needs and gave him the happy content married life that is required for anyone who wishes to achieve or do anything great in life. Khadija (ra), Mother of the believers, took care of the home front and gave Muhammad (saw) support in the worst of times, enabling him to do what he did. For her part, she understood and appreciated him and his responsibility. For his part, he cherished and appreciated who she was and what she meant to him. Together, they complemented each other, working hand in hand for a cause bigger than everything.
Such a companionship, then, is the material of the truest love story ever.
Source : https://chaaidaani.wordpress.com/2012/07/31/what-was-so-special-about-khadija-ra/