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Monday, July 23, 2012

Backpacking to Singapore!

A little things to share :)

I'm just a little traveler with a little $$$$ but dreaming to go around the world. So after HK,Shenzhen & Macau i try out Singapore. It was near and with my travelmate Alhamdulillah finally we manage to survive there. :)

We booked like early 2 weeks before we arrived. It is really important to book as the probability for the hotel fully booked is high. I just thought we can just go without booking, but i got a warning from nenek! she said dont u dare to that, its not ur country! ok nek then we google some budget hotel and found this .

This is Joo Chiat Road

Hotel 81 . we stay in Opera .69$ per night . Quite cheap is it ?

1. KTM Train - RM40 (KL Sentral-Woodlands CIQ)
we take bunk bed and train depart at 11.00pm-6.35am . but we reach there at 9.30am, delay and travelmate kata afta this no more train! we should take plane! hehehee

2.MRT - 12$ standard card (Can be used for mrt and bus)

For those budget traveler like us ape lagi we should study the Singapore MRT route lah , we have no car and to take taxi all the time wont be cheap.Sebab ktorg mcm a lost traveller there, one nice uncle menyapa and ask "nak pegi mana?" and he guide us until we manage to bought our MRT card :) Thankyou so much!

The next is Puan yang ktorg jumpa tengah jalan, we kinda confuse either to take bus to harbour front or to take MRT. Then Puan tu really teach us the rule to cross the road here and he really teach us to understand and make use the MRT . Thankyou so much!

From Paya Lebar MRT to Hotel we take taxi, it wasn't that far, so berani take taxi. just around 4$-5$ from payar lebar to hotel :) Taxi Hyundai! :O i'm impressed!

4.Bus (Singapore-JB Express)
Last day we take bus to JB . Only 2.40$ and about 45minutes journey. We take the bus from Bugis (Queen Road). There's so many bus we can take kalau tak nak express can take causeway link or SMRT bus 170 :) .

Note : Dear traveller, if u use fully public transport, pls read and google the tips and places from internet, it really helpful. At first i wasn't know where i should take the bus from Singapore to JB, and i found that we can take from Bugis. Bugis pun xjauh from station Paya Lebar :) . One more thing plis print out MRT map from internet or somewhere, the MRT card u can buy at any nearest MRT station counter :) . The function is like Touch n Go in Malaysia and also Octopus card in Hong Kong .

We stayed in Joo Chiat Road, area Geylang. There's a lot of food and restaurant which u can eat. For muslim dont worry, its quite easy to find Halal Restaurant :) and the price is reasonable as well :) Even the bakery put "No Pork, No lard" which is u can eat. Tapi if u feel insecure jugak, go find a place with halal logo there ya.

[Place to visit]
1.USS . entrance tix : 74$ . Opening from 10am-7pm.
Better to come on weekdays, less people and u can enjoy everything :D hehee
and this is must visit here!!!

ade org tu kata nak dtg lagi, yeaaa tau xpe. if i have extra $$$ i'll come again maybe :)

2.Marina Bay Sand & Garden by the bay.
We just take a building photo and nampak sikit Garden by the bay tapi kaki dah tak larat. It walks like 12 hours non stop. --' well tht's life as a traveler :D


Souvenir place @ Bugis Street . Then we are heading to Queen Road in Bugis to take express bas to JB :)

NOTE : young traveler like us, pls change ur money before u come, tht is early preparation, it wasn't easy to walk around and find money exchange untuk saat2 geting. Tukar lebih takpe, tak gune later can change back to RM. :)

Of Danga Bay & cute people!
Thanks for the stay biha & family :))

Finally, the journey ended successfully, meeting a lot of nice and helpful people. Our journey di permudahkan and i'm so thankful :)) Well it will be another journey later next year perhaps? hehe.. So its time to save some $$$ :D


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