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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

vacation part 1 :)

halo halo :)
finally tercapai another wishlist to go for a vacation after a stressful semester !
just 3 of us but its really stress FREE vacation! macam kelakar pegi 3 org je cuz yg lain2 cant make it , so the trip MUST GO ON! heeee

its really hard to decide on which location for this time roadtrip . In the end we are all agree with : Pangkor!

after skype conferencing meeting a few times, idea semakin melimpah ruah untuk menjejak kan kaki ke Cameron High :o ! anddddddd this idea was accepted dan mula excited utk packing barang! ehehehe :p

3 days 2 night vacation .

Location : Pangkor-Cameron

Day 1 - Journey to Lumut
The journey is 4 hours long . The first pit stop is teluk intan :) Its almost same with PISA tower in Italy . Wonder why the building"senget" kan, is because foundation ? or the building it self tends to senget sendiri ? hmmmmm

Budget Hotel During the stay . The first plan was going with package which we found it quite cheap for student . 3 days 2 nite for about RM200+ but then due to the pack of hotel book, the oackage increasing therefore we just gamble and go on our own , stay in Lumut . Lumut GM Holiday Inn RM60 per night . cheap rite? cheap rite? haha straightaway BOOKING!

Random snap at Teluk Batik.

Maybe bcz its Friday, there's not so many people there and the area pun kedai semua tutup at 7pm. We decide to heading back to Lumut for Dinner .

Due to starvation! we just drop at any random seafood restaurant ! Like seriously no worries about food there, there's many seafood restaurant around Lumut .

Lumut town at night.

as kanak2, mommy2 ktorg dah order ikan bilis suruh bawak balik --' , so we shop and shop . Banyak jenis ikan bilis kecik besar sederhana and my mom kata ikan bilis tu cantik Gred A ???? ikan bilis tu semua nampak sama , mana dtg Gred A? --' haha

at 10pm we are heading back to hotel room, seriously here no mall and the town end at 10++ during weekdays.

Day 2 - Pangkor Island

We done at 9.30am and heading to Lumut Jetty Area . For those who driving dont worry, u can left u car at complex parking Daerah Manjung which is only a walking distance to Jetty. We park at 9.45am until 7.30pm and it only cost RM4.40 . cheap aite?

Many local tourist and international as its Saturday!!

Ticket RM10 per person (two way)

As we reached the counter to buy ticket got one kakak already ask about do we need car or motorcycle for touring around the island. We need a car. Just pai her RM70 and she already arrange people to wait us and sewa kereta right after we reach Pangkor Jetty.

Arriving destination.
again no worries about no transport there, sebab kat situ ade banyak pinky taxi! cute aite?

Places that u must visit/do in Pangkor Island.

1.Kota Belanda

2.The Beachyyyy BEACH!


Seriously if u try u will addicted! :DD Like me
Very cheap snorkeling only RM15 per person. First try tu macam jakun la and i keep on macam mana ni and dengan breathing x betul. The water keep on masuk thru the snorkel tube or pipe (dont know the name). Then keepon trying and trying until i can float at deep area muehehehe, masa ni memang batak gila tgk nemo fish swimming inside . About 2hours plus snorkeling until xlarat, then we inform the abang boat to pick us up at 4pm. Sooooooooooo next we gonna do the "Snorkeling trip" ! hahahah

To snorkel at Pulau Giam, u have to drive to Teluk Nipah which is the most attractive area and it quite close to Pulau Giam. Mostly tourist who take the package they will stay around here . During the snorkel, we didnt bring our barang berharga, even camera we left it here, i only bring my phone there bcz the Pulau Giam have NO place to simpan the stuff, it might be dangerous as all of us will jump in the water . But i feel regret cuz i think i should bawak the camera along, but have to take my own RISK la if anything happen.

Pusing2 pulau just half an hour sebab pulau tu kecik sangat . That's all our journey in PangkoR Island!

We only spend for RM181 for the accomodation+hotel+ticket+snokeling+food . If u love shopping bring extra money $$$$ =))

p/s: will continue part II later :)

Personally, this 3 days and 2 nights vacation really refresh me after the stressing out 6 months before . Now i'm more into working mode and mind ready to start the new semester :) . Spend some money for ur own good would be good, as that is the way to appreciate urself after tired of working and all .


izzati rahman said...

wooohhooo pangkor! tringat aku snorkeling kat sne tp takut nk pegi jauh2. takut x jejak tanah. hehe. btw nice shot fee =)

fee. said...

thanks cati, haah masa noob tu mmg takut gile bile xjejak tanah , padahal xkan tenggelam pun cuma cuak nk gak try jejak tanah haha

Anonymous said...

yuuuhuuu! sgt best okeyh ^^