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Tuesday, May 22, 2012


Salam . Helo! . hai :) As mention before i'm gonna post about Macau!
How we survived , prepare and yeah did conquered the place! :D hehee From HK to Macau its only take about 1 hour by ferry.

So first thing first before u start travel to Macau confirm ur transportation.
Buy the tix from any travel agent(as if u from HK)

from hostel in Hung Hom we take Bus until Sheung Wan. danggg our ferry at 10am. and its like 10 minutes to 10 while we arrive the ferry.
We runnnnnn and have to pass the imegression somemore. this is crazy. and they said faster it almost "BOARDING!" we almost missed the ferry but luckily we manage to catch it. fuhh. Owh yea, elaine my local suitemate help me and Nab to buy the ferry ticket(return).

One more thing that we didnt do is change our money. haihh . Note that people in which country u travel, go change money to the good money changer. Its terribly hard but lucky that the Macau notes and HKD are more or less the same. Cuma Macau note kecik and hkd lebih besar. so if u pay in HKD rugi la ur money. Plus nak naik bus pakai coin. If u just take a one day for touring around not worth it to buy a card like touch n go(in malaysia) but in HK we use(octopus card) which can buy stuff at 7e for MTR n bus. Change to small coin! buss is cheap and easy to get. Living in HK and travel in Macau manage to widen my eyes about people. Macau people more friendly and they like to help. Maybe because they used to face traveller everyday.

In HK some people just mind their own business. So i experience two different culture here =) Manage to change our money at the money changer after we got down from the ferry! If u once a budget traveller like us one tip is that take a map of Macau . Its free and study which bus u should take(stated inside the map) dont bother take any travel agent. They charged really high compare to travel by bus on ur own. In fact Macau is not really big.
the map tear apart in the end. But thankyou! without u map, we might lost! Reach our Destination 1.

Senado Square

Its very beautiful place

Ruin of St. Paul (must visit)

Sebab time constraint, every pitstop memang sekejap gile. haha

Macau Tower
Thankyou uncle bus, after we follow him to the wrong destination, he showed us here. Even we dont speak the same language but we paham you hehe

Fisherman's wharf

The venetian(must visit) its like the real Venice & Las vegas.

Canal ride.

end of Macau! we safely travel and back to HK :)) even nak tertinggal bus pulang. hehe

for Malaysian, VISA is not needed to enter Macau! But to travel to China have to apply VISA.

As for food here in Macau, we did google for halal food but indeed expensive, so me n travelmate just beli choclate and mineral water from 7e as snacks and at night after dah habis touring baru ktorg makan, we just buy beli fillet o fish kat mcD inside the venetian as we know that balik to HK pun xde makanan jugak hihi. Mostly muslim who travel to HK will masuk mcD but only to buy fillet o fish. Some people yg very particular about the roti and stuff better not. Kalau nak makan kena yakin. Sbb fillet o fish tu dier x fry sekali dgn their meat. so insya Allah can eat :)

Souveniers like i love Macau ade jual kat gerai2 nearby Ruin st paul . kalau dah masuk venetian dah xde dah. so beli siap2 :D
Mostly HK and malaysia people yg come here will borong this biscuit memang sedap but i check with my local HK fren she said the whole almond punya we can buy no problem!

Not that expensive about 40 something Macau dollar je kot. so beli sekotak :)

Dont take taxi or naik kereta sewa kalau nak jimat, take bus, the map u can get at the Macau jetty for free, ask the local. If they force u to take their kereta sewa, we said "our friends will pick us up here" confident la ade kawan kat Macau and they wont bother. ;)

overall spend for shopping,food,tickets & transport it cost about 600HKD :) which is approx rm250 and it worth 1day trip!

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