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Thursday, May 12, 2016

Backpacking to Perhentian Kecil 2016

Just got back. Still sleepy and sunburn :D
I was called to write on this because it is pretty difficult for me to get the details and stuff while searching for the info. Many packages being offered with varies rate. But my experience taught that dont go with the packages cuz its more worth to explore on your own and its cheaper not to go with packages.

Transportation :
Flight KL-Kota Bharu. Kota Bharu is nearer to Kuala Besut Jetty approximately 1hour plus compared to Terengganu Airport to Kuala Besut (2 hours+)

Accommodation :
Many of the chalet fully booked or they dont anymore offer room rate only. They will include also (the boat return from Kuala Besut Jetty or food) to make it more expensive. hmmm.

As for the chalet expect less. because Perhentian kecil is more like village/kampung area so some of the chalet might have electricity disruption. With El Nino the weather is super hot. You cant even stay in the room with the temperature. If you want comfort pay a lil bit higher to get a better room with air cond.

In perhentian Kecil there's two sides of beaches one in Long Beach and the other one in Coral Bay.

Long Beach : There's Bar with fire show at night, loud and lively with foreigners, more expensive cuz of foreigners, no sunset cuz the sun set on the other side, more windy.

Coral Beach : More calm, more beautiful for you to walk, they said snorkeling trip much cheaper this area, sunset area.

Hence my suggestion if you want to stay in Coral Beach can pick Shari la Resort or Ombak Resort. Not sure on the rate but yeah if you want comfort then pay a lil bit more on accommodation is okay. If Long Beach often people pick Mohsin Chalet or Bubu Villa they offered room with aircond. Book earlier 2 weeks as in my case i have less than 1 week to book and planned so we have to go with the package and mostly room are fulled. 

Food :
Everything in the Island is expensive. Mineral water can go up to RM3 per bottle or per can. 
Nasi Goreng = Range price RM10-RM13
BBQ dinner = RM20-25 (Those in Sharila walk in Buffet BBQ smell tempting RM25/head 

Water Taxi or Snorkeling :
Depends on destination per head : RM-RM12
Snorkeling : 3 points RM30~ RM40 or 5 points RM40.   

Souvenirs :
Cheaper and many more choices in Jetty Kuala Besut . Dont buy in the Island. 

Details budgeting can refer to this blog : http://cakapsempoi.blogspot.my/2015/05/panggilan-pulau-perhentian-last-day.html

My Itinerary
Day 1 : KB Airport - Kopitiam Kita - Gong Badak - Warung Pok Nong - Dapo Pata
Day 2 : Norra Rich Nasi Kerabu - Kuala Besut Jetty - Pulau Perhentian Kecil(45mins by speed boat)-Check in in Fatima Chalet - Wind Mill - Turtle Beach - Sunset gazing - Long Beach Fireshow at night
Day 3 : Breakfast - Snorkeling 5 points - Sunset - BBQ Dinner
Day 4 : Jetty Coral Beach - Jetty Kuala Besut - Pantai Bukit Kluang - Keropok Lekor shopping - Pantai Tok Bali - Homey Home

 Jetty Coral Beach

We take boat from coral beach to this beach and hike up around 20 minutes to windmill. 

Worth The hike! 

Day 2(Snorkelling)

I dont have proper photo for chasing the penyu, chasing the nemo and fishes cuz busy . :p

Fisherman Village (Luncheon) 

Light House Point 

Romantic Beach 

View from Sharila Resort

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