“Life is either a daring adventure or nothing. -Helen Keller”

Thursday, December 10, 2015

December . Time flies lagi.

very hectic, submission week. 2015 almost come to an end.
 Its not an easy year but i learn a lot.
about works, about people, about new knowledge and about being wiser.
in my age i must say that bukan senang cuz we have that blood yang senang marah kalau di trigger on anything like current issues, or anything. To be honest i'm not interested untuk melayan kerenah manusia yang pelik2, but i cant avoid that. so when all those things comes i have to chill out, control my emotion and have to force my self to think secara lebih matang, put my self in their shoes and being wise.
That's hard actually sbb at my age, i tend to speak out anything honest, like very honest. Which is not even diplomatic. So i have to keep it rather than speak it out. susah la cuz i'm living w people, i have to behave and not hurting any. Sometimes when the things is for their own good, how la nak cakap secara diplomatic dan berhemah. I'm very ignorant on people or things that not related to me but if i want to speak and say something they either must be very close to me. for their own good tho,

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