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Thursday, April 21, 2011

half dead !

This week ;
my life had been super miserably STRESSFUL !
most of us stress lately, forcing everything that we learnt in this 4 months into our little tiny brain.
This is totally hard cuz the semester is too short and neva had any chance to study earlier . been verry very VERY busy with tests that almost kill me to death, courseworks, some weird assignmnts, and presentationssssssssss . My course is technically hard ;( sob* sob*


i do agree ; separuh nyawa dah ni. cepat la habis .

and yeah why i have to read this apk ? i'm wasting almost one day tau tak to read those? -_- ahhhhh

p/s: now watching the proposal! Funneyh and sweet =) and cant stop laughing. good therapy people .

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