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Friday, April 15, 2011

prepare for the war ; goodluck everyone =)

It's a FINAL countdown peeps!

Good Luck BFF! UM-ers, Abians, Surveyors !
gud luck too for those yang nak ambik exam!
afta finish this suffering we lompat2 together yeah ? HAHA

"time is too short to be wasted, but i keep on wasting it duhh ;| "


p/s: kalau rase malas nak study, jom try Haka ! cool bende tu hahaa


Anonymous said...

gudluck fee :)

Yonna Lahh!! said...

good luck feeee jom buat study group kat ym. hihihi xD

fee. said...

qida : thnkyou!
yon : cool! jom macam last sem ! :D