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Thursday, April 28, 2011

too many things to be compacted . but taking hours of break jugak watching this and that ! hehe err sila focus fee! okayyy but exam season gimme a chance to watch more and more movies that i havent seen -_-'

dah tengok : The proposal, The curious case of benjamin button , Troy , The pirates of Carribean and few old movies jugak =)

two papers down and 4 more to GO!!!
APK : err confusing and confusing.A business man maybe will surrender from doing business if they have to read our APK books. Man its boring tell ya! -.-'

info skill: sleepyyy paper zzzzZz , eh NO it was sleepy me :p

btw, still more papers to go. such a slow progression fee, next week will be quite heavy, sokayyy la balik rumah can push a lil bit harder , insya Allah . Goodluck to all.

p/s: cant wait for the holiday. Got one decision to be made, hold dulu yeah .

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