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Sunday, July 23, 2017

Productive July.

I've enrolled in Arabic class. The first class was yesterday. Quite ok and it's good to reminisce back my standard 1 to 6 belajar bahasa arab dulu. Dulu macam terpaksa gila cuz its a must and got exam. But this time around i'm willing to start off again. I'm glad that my parent sent me off to the school yang kena blaja arab, tajwid etc masa kecik so i have the basic which ease me now . I can write , i can read and now is understanding the meaning and sebut makhraj yang betul.  

The academy is good and the Ustaz was from Yemen. There's free lecture from Dr. Bilal Philip this coming Tuesday. I used to retweet the wording from him cuz its soothing and always strike to remind me . I'm glad i have different life rather than just working. 

Last few days , read up somewhere, wardina had graduated in psychological science. i wanted to take psychology as study too, tapi xtau macam mana nak start , but i'll figure out how. I like those behavioral study since class Prof Hadi lagi. one day i'll definitely will expand my knowledge from somewhere. and maybe after Arabic i will finish my grade 6,7,8 of my piano. its been such a long break already. dulu too busy with works now i want to slow down , and arrange my self to do things i want for my self. it feels so good , there's something to achieve and knowledgeable. 

Kesian chester, he killed himself. If someone could guide him to rely on God and trust that God will heal him . If he did mesti dia hidup lagi. But its written his path camtu. nothing to comment cuz hidayah milik Allah. 

till then. 

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