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Saturday, July 8, 2017

July !

Living as an belum adult i guess.
Another pain , after the one in last year end of April there come another pain from the unexpected lady boss. semalam mmg sakit but bearable. but i'm tired of that pain. really.

but yet again, this is the sign, sila plot penghijrahan company dengan kadar segera, its good that i'm not reacting or arguing but just listen with my Plan B dalam hati. Silent can win the game too.

no matter how much i dont want to meet people that keep messing up and having dramatically drama, i will still either bump onto them or have to deal with em. It somehow slowly mature me, toughen me, and taught that life should be seen in a positive and grateful ways. There's always lesson in everypain. tapi sakit la. there's tears to pay when u work in the construction industry. Kenapa tah, belaja tak sakit camni, tapi keje memang . . .  . . .  speechless.

Those friends around me sekarang mostly tgh heartbreak, so what i learn is that i dont want dramatic people, i dont want complex n complicated people.
I just want a person that i can be peace around with.
A person that wont trigger my anger, my emotions, my anger much. cuz i'm tired much really. I dont want to understand cold shoulder peeps cuz i dont know how to handle  and cannot understand.

Everyone ada their own pain, and for me i'm not interested in having to go through those unnecessary heartache.

If u being kind bcz of Allah, Let Allah repay ur kindness,
but if u kind cuz expecting anything from me, please dont cuz i'm not into picking up people and not gonna insert em' to be part of my memories. Those who were there, were good to just be there, those who are new, belum crosspath, belum jumpa no need to.

I'm retiring from those heart things. really. sincerely.

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