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Saturday, April 22, 2017

Life cycle 2017.

Helo April,

Life have been progressing real fast since start working again in Sept 2016.Its been almost 8 months. Too busy with werks. Been observing people around me, ada yg dah naik gaji, ada yang dah bertambah anak, ada yang nak kawen xde calon haha, and i'm still chill with my current life being in comfort zone at least at this moment. Nak plot life journey tu but i'm taking a break from all not so comfort zone yet. hehe

We meet and split with people bcz Allah had our journey differ from them. The first split was heavy and i didnt realize but i learn. Then in 2015 there's another split which pain enough to deal with and i've met my senior again and i thought we will fully split tapi Tuhan dah tentukan that we are inseparable as friend :) and am so hapy up until now my silly funny crazy senior still here.

In late 2016, there's a friend that Allah want me to learn about. Someone so similar and at first i thought this is crazy but yeah there's a person who have the same value as i am, click intellectually, after qila din, this kind of person impress me. But yet again people have different life journey and its time to have different pathway. And this time around i can learn about new people if there's any , it will be easier for me to plot and being serious in my life goal, and thanks to him that I can focus on my early intention to get closer to Allah, not putting anyone more than Almighty and put my heart and my sleeve and dunia in my hand. So even if i need to let go it not as much pain as i felt in the split I had in 2014,2015 and 2016.

Well one nice journey and learning process. May Allah bless .

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