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Monday, January 2, 2017

2017 ; May it be a blessing good journey.

Hapy New Year.
2016 had flies real fast for me. Too busy to even realized and too many things on that year glad Allah had help me go through. Alhamdulillah finish my Master of Sc in Project Management. :D
Back to work since last Sept and been real busy but glad so far its better. Hope for more blessing from the almighty.

I wish to start the year with purely good intention, bless, ikhlas and more closer to the Almighty. Not chasing any duniawi things. Not dare to look at my age tho. I hope no one would ask that cray question, i'm not ready plus when u grew up and met with lots of people , your are so clear that feelings are the gift from the Almighty and it wont be gaining simply from anyone that cross path you.

I've met those who had an opposite characters from me, but there's kindness and humanity i gain from them.
I even met those who click in terms of chemistry and let them go.
I even met those who had been to the same place , been liking the same thing and been doing the things that i've been doing.
Even met those who have the same characters and same thinking but not hoping or wanting anything from them.
Human, fated and destiny is so unique . So let's meet up with those who want to cross path me in this 2017.

May Allah ease the journey. Amin.

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