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Thursday, July 21, 2016


have u heard of Pilates? lebih kurang macam yoga tapi hardcore sket. 
For those yang malas nak jogging nak pegi gym try out pilates pose/ video kat youtube. 
You can burn ur raya food and build strength with either yoga or pilates or both.

Umur dah tak makin muda so its good to stretch out and build core inner muscle. I hate jogging cuz i'm not a good runner, prefer swimming sbb dia main breathing and relax tak payah nak paksa muscle kaki je . haha

Then bila try out yoga and pilates even without class, can feel body bit lighter, lebih strong, u sweat like crazy sbb posture dia tough2. even 10-15 minute pun dah best. effect dia mmg some pain in the muscle akan rasa sbb muscle x penah gune . so siapa yg malas try out this. :D

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