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Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Last 10 nights of Ramadhan

Haritu cati shared during this last 10 days keep on sedekah everyday, recite Quran, pray and doa'. Even if we missed the night at least we had done all that insya Allah.

There's so many stories shared via social networking. This year i learnt that berkat, ikhlas, sedekah , relationship with Allah and parents sangat sangat penting. Berkat tu sangat penting in many aspect of our life. If there's something wrong dalam hidup ni we have to reflect back and look back what we had done to those around us and how's our relationship with Allah and parent.
Bahagia atau tak kita is actually based on that and based on what had we done in our life.
Did we turn down those people that came across to ask for help?
Did we turn down those who come from mintak sedekah?
Did we disobey Allah and hurt our parent?
If we did Allah will pay back the karma which makes our life in difficult not-so-hapy situation.
Scary kan? I think if we had kids or untuk diri sendiri teach ourself pasal berkat.
Ilmu tu perlu keberkatan, so dont do anything that might cause ketidak berkatnya. Sebab it will effect us masa kerja who knows. I read those in fb. scary kan. Cari redha dan berkat Allah tu penting cuz it will lead to happiness dan kelapangan hidup insya Allah.

Forget all those non-halal relationship goals. cuz those halal one written from Allah is indeed better.
When u getting older, i didnt wish for more luxurious things. I just want a little happiness, berkat, good relationship with parent and Allah, being the best khalifah, and not chasing duniawi much. Menjadi QS sedikit sebanyak had taught me a lot in life. Pasal human, pasal hati, pasal hidup, matang, berkat, relationship with people around, kindness and pain. Plus kebergantungan kepada Allah at my very lowest point. When i'm at verge i think i'm gonna drown cuz i'm physicall and mentally not afford to Allah is always there when i'm crying and asked for help. He gave me helps in the form of His gift which I always not expect to but u feel it with ur heart dan bersyukur tak terhingga. Takut nak masuk kerja balik, tapi kali ni seriously i'm gonna try to make it right by chasing the akhirat n find redha Allah in working and not to hurt anyone hopefully. I just need to breathe while working. Rabbi yassir wala tuassir rabbi tamim bi kheir.

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