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Sunday, June 19, 2011

teenagers now . . .

heyy . . .
this eve tadi ade orang yg x berapa nak bertanggung jwb burn the semak at one of the empty house in my neighbourhood . Did u know tht open burning are not allowed ?
my mom dah panic macam panic at the disco dah lol .
yes i got daddy's genetic more . so, i am much cooler lah kan, worried jugak but as long as the fire wasn't spread and harm still ok la, but when the lalang is too much the fire memang get super big weh! -.-'

and some dude kat padang tu only watch . Dude u just watch ?
u didnt feel responsible ke ? at least come and ask wht can u do for helping ?
woman kan panic at this time, like we dont know what we suppose to do, can u come gentlemen-ly and help ?
Yes, much disappointed with their reaction . I bet they think tak kisah kot, not their house i guess . Fine. lucky that girls and woman nowadays are superbly independent . -.-'

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