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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Sunday ; wedding reception (bride)

H e l l o  PENANG  !

hey peeps!
i'm letting my self busy last week and away from Selangor ! wohooo the greatest thing afta mess with the boring same daily routine :)
well i have 3 more months weh !
family are busy with the preparation for Pak tam's wedding reception . I'm being normal je, the elder folks la busy, we (kids) just do simple help out and play . wait play ? umur twenty still play ah ? age doesn't matter man! as long as i'm happy hahah . enjoy living this young life and being a child :D

afta a long countdown, the reception at the bride is on
Sunday 5 June 2011
The theme is : Silver
The place : Anjung Budi hall 

I'm not sure whether this is hall or what .
we didn't purposely wear same theme for baju . Duno why this time just wear anything i have except mum, she did wear new baju :) heheh
I love the place and i'll pick random candid photo from the bride and groom to upload .

candid from us :D

cupcakes !

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