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Friday, June 24, 2011

i've secured it !

special thanks to bff n alfro for yesterday !

hey peeps!
before i forget what happen yesterday,let me update it .
cuz i tend to ignore what i wanna post if biar lame2 . cuz lazyness overwhelm .

yes now is 4 months break .
and i still got task and working non-profitly for AIESEC .
last time my boss ask me to call school , i'm not super enthusistic like my boss, i just one of the member that responsible to the task and job that is given to me . But along the journey of AIESEC there's a lot of improvement that i neva thought i would do this and that . hahaha

as u know, maybe u dont know... that i am a shy girl who prefer to live a peaceful quite life without letting people around me notice my exsitence except for my frens . Lagi org tak kenal lagi baik . sangat humble kan? hehee

but then, i think my life is boring if i just keep on having a simple life in uni ike go to class for lecture and then back again repeating the same schedule . That was super boring and i'm not that kind of person who like to do the same boring thing . Mar the roomate ajak me to join this organization . So yeah, i'm in the team now .

I go to the meeting, aiesec episode for almost every Thursday nite and socialize some more . I mean like socialize in a good way tho , having more and more frens . Deal with this and that person and mostly with people i dont know . The good thing is that i tend to just tegur anyone and smile to any peeps even i dont know them . Getting more frenly than before . Usually i wont start the talking if the new stranger dont talk to me first but i think i could start it first now . Doing cold calls and the highest achievement yesterday is i meet the teacher for secure a workshop by my self with accompany of my bff n her boyfren(my good fren) . I was so lucky to have best fren n good fren that really supportive! wohoooo thanks Allah for giving them in my life .

and I've secure it . the teachers were frenly tho .

The most embarrassing moment yesterday is, while waiting for Alfro utk ambik ktorg semalam, sedang di mcD yg x reti nak bukak cepat, ia telah menjadi kebiasaan when meluahkan perasaan ikut twitter . tetibe i've sent the wrong message to the teacher i wanna deal with . You know how malu i am and i've apologized her for the mistake and i've text the wrong person . She just laugh . Lucky that she was cool . I am so worried if she had a bad impression on me and reject my proposal for securing the workshop . Lucky that she setuju . I've been so happy and rasa macam menang award! HAHAHA

thanks again to Alfro and Qila for accompany . U guys rock !

the workshop will be on 6th of July 2011 . My bff said she wanna come along, another good happy things , see my frens are very supportive ! and they are the coolest weh!
i'll update about the workshop later . May Allah bless us .

July will be another busy month . Busy with mid sem exam for language class , busy finding and securing workshop , and later will watch the important match in Bukit Jalil . haha let u know later peeps . he he he

so that's how my holiday so far, and urs ? enjoy ur holiday !

p/s: shop bags yesterday . alfro buy Domo bag ! hahaha


Anonymous said...

wah!!!heypi bace niee!!!!da semaken ramah gituh uuu!!!workshop ape tuh nyah!!!

Anonymous said...

ak bru bce ost ko yg niyh. huhu
ye same2 :)