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Monday, May 16, 2011

super not productive day !

i'm not contributing anything today selain bang my piano ! hehe
duno what song to play, gimme idea... music sheets berlambak tp xtau nk main lagu ape, plus i'm not tht fluent so kena practise practise, almost ok lagu "I dont wanna miss a thing" hohoho
haih waiting to download movie pun slow laa..... i wanna watch Beastly . Alex Pettyfer u look smokin' hot haha :D i wanna share with you about "The other Boleyn girl"

Oh yes i'm done CLEANING! next : redecorating room . mahal tak wallpaper ? (this is the case which i am so lazy to paint the room on my own, did it last 2years and yes half way, my brother finished it for me, mesti dier tak nak tolong lagi kan ?) hahaa

oh.. ya lucky sempat to contact Pn. Kamariah about Mahsa thingy . she's very nice and frendly . Easy to deal with her =) doing this stuff make me bcome braver to contact people espc. the unknown . U know how nervous i am mase first time nak make a call with org yg x kenal ? -.-' jantung macam nak gugur . call je pun -.-'

tmoro ade class with teacher . belum buat theory lagi, macam kena study balik je. tgk last date homework tu 20/3/2011 . huhh so long didnt meet my teacher . superbusy la kate kan, hehe ... ok lah ciao!

pls come back faster bff =)

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