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Sunday, May 15, 2011

fresh air from highland .

Hey there . . . .
This is the story about the roomates went for holiday together!
Glad that we've been fated to be the roomates and i do hope tht we could be roomate again! pray hard~
Just a quick and spontenous plan and thanks a bunch to suhaimi suib cuz willing to drive us there ! we really need man power :) thnkyou !
Friday 13th 2011 , one fine day .
nice weather and nice journey . Like seriously KL been so hot all this week .
Mother earth was damn angry i guess . So running away from KL to Highland was the brilliant idea :) hehe

the journey took us almost 2 1/2  hours .

this is the first pit stop ; Lata Iskandar .
very charming and handsome waterfall . As according to the name , Iskandar . haha  rase macam nak terjun je ! serious charming !

very natural . very fresh . we even prefer to breathe from the fresh air :) u wont get this in KL !


my roomates

what is this phenomena ? : Halo Phenomena(optical phenomena)

p/s: such a nice trip ! that's all from me ! happy holiday everyone =)


Ruzanna said...

dekat mana ni? Cameron? :D nice pics btw!

fee. said...

yes, dekat Cameron :D