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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Hari Makan Sedunia 18 March 2011

Haha exaggerating much , just a residential college dinner peeps!

we come hungrily macam hungry tiger RAWR! thnks to waniey cuz she drove us =)

atok performing live on stage! wohooo cayalah :D hehe

falling in love with Atiey's Nikon . Serious lawa duhh !!

random photos with roomies hehe

This is Atok, and he is quite handsome pulak malam tu muahaha. Attention girls he is single and still available, interested ? Haha . Btw me and all of my good friends yg lain cant wait to see atok ni dengan girlfren dier , tak tau la zaman bile, we are the most happiest and excited friends to know that hehe

KL view in a shaking version hehe

p/s : hungry tiger went back with full stomach ! heheeee =p

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