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Thursday, March 3, 2011

enough for this week :)

being tired,sleepy,restless,rushing. what a crazy week !
phewww finally this eve i can breathe before preparing for next week to come.

another one tough week to go aite ?

cant wait to get over it , cuti 4 bulan cepat la datang. Dah datang nanti cakap "cepat la pegi" , HAHA . yes i'm a human and so human to complaint this and that. Be grateful for what u hav fee :)
tonite activity plan,
keropok packing with surveyor classmates for jual-jual APK(subject keusahawanan)
if possible bball-ing tonite ? hehe
friday morning,
melalak day kot :]

yesh,i'm having a tough and tired week but still gaining some experience and also is having some fun. what a week peeps!


cikNAO said...

keropok free satu kak ! :)

fee. said...

haha singgit kak! support kami :D ahaha

cikNAO said...

xd discount ke ? 10% mybe . bole dpt 90sen je . heeee~