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Thursday, September 21, 2017

This morning a fren said " why dont we just plant in our heart not to fixed it with anyone that is not yet legally halal with us" ?

hmmm, at this moment, i had already throw away feelings, or to have any feelings etc. For the first time, i know my heart is still functioning, but this time wiser, without wanting anything but i want ease from The Almighty. I want to have chance to visit Baitullah first . and that is what feeling that i have and i really wish that Allah will grant me and redha and invite me to. amin

I've cross path w many different humans, the more i run the more Allah want me to pass through it and feel the pain and come back to Him and now feeling grateful. My requirement is simple enough i will accept a muslim, from the family that will accept me and which my family accept, the one that could tolerate and understand and i accept the person for the sake of Allah, having the same interest which is travel, and wont stop my dream to further my study if i wanted to continue one day.

I dont want to put any hope and giving out any hope . Ask from Allah and if He open my heart to you and ease out everything , that will be the answer.

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