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Friday, September 29, 2017

Semporna,Sabah Backpacking 2017.

Semporna,Sabah [5 days 4 nights]

It’s been a dream and it’s a must visit place. I’ve been to Sabah on 21 Feb 2017 – 24 Feb 2017. I know that many hesitate to go due to safety issue, but trust me when u go there everything is okay and the Marine team and police Malaysia take safety at very high responsibility. It safe unless u’re staying in the island and there’s unexpected intruders. But during my stay everything was okay and safe. This time only 2 girls travelling. Me and my ex-roomate in college(Mar).

1. Transport
(i)Flight: Kul-Tawau (Return) = RM200+
(ii)Airport Transfer (Shuttle Van): RM20-25/Person (One way)

2. Accomodation
Sipadan Inn Hotel (Semporna) = RM110/night x 3 nights = RM 330/2 = RM165/person

 3.Food : RM15-20/Per meal (Too expansive , even more expansive than KL)

4.Snorkelling(Whole day) to Bohey Dulang, Mantabuan Island and Sibuan Island = RM165/person + Rental Scuva Diving Equipment = RM135/person.

5.Souvenirs : Can be bought at Dragon Inn Floating Chalet.

Day 1(Hotel area and Semporna Jetty):
Upon arrival, there’s this instagrammer that manage ppl who want to visit Semporna help to arrange our shuttle van and pick up at airport. We deal before I’m take off from KL. We just touring around the semporna jetty area and its just simple small town. Everything is expansive and we decide to buy mineral water,snacks all in Giant. There’s Giant walking distance from our Hotel.

Day 2(To the Island) : Bohey Dulang – Mantabuan - Sibuan
We get Jaafar(boatman) contact from Dwan(Intagram boatman). So Jaafar will be our Tour guide, hikeman(tak ingat nama) and scuba instructor. I didn’t plan for any dive but Jaafar offer such a good affordable rate for diving . Kadang good opportunities come without plan, xsure but I say Yes to dive.
Morning we breakfast then went to Bohey Dulang for the Hike. Its super beautiful! Ada atok kung fu  dari China hike sekali, dia fit gila, ktorg yg slowmo tercungap-cungap. Putus nafas jugak. Sapa nk hike tu just chill2 and slowly. Its only 600m height. I’m alone with them tapi diorang baik2 sangat. So its really nice experience hiking with local and foreigners.
My suggestion is that you can go with the package yang 9 Island and include makan etc cuz its super affordable. Standard rate for snorkeling would be around RM200-220. If u want to include Mabul and Kapalai this would need other day.

This is where the Bajau Laut ppl live. Singgah jap, Jaafar amik barang.


 Bohey Dulang

 Play Tourist sikit

Mantabuan Island (Lunch and first dive)

30 minutes briefing on how to familiarize w equipment

Dive in Mantabuan 

 We dive until 10m depth tapi 5-10minit je. cuaks. weh haha
But achievement unlock i must say. dont nervous .
chill and learn to control pressure.
Every 3meter kena release pressure from the ear. and thank God Jaafar is chill instructor. i wanna go back and learn from him, the most penyabar instructor. 

Major lovee! view from boat


Snorkelling in Sibuan



Overalls its supernice, Malaysian Maldives! Hehe.

Its freaking exhausted to hike, dive and snorkelling on the same day. arrange ur iti accordingly people! 

Its good to stay in the Island like Mabul, cuz u gotta have better sunset and scenery. 

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