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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

#random thought

it was soo human. . . .
when u got a husband that love u like crazy then u dont really love them AT ALL,
and the other girl love your husband like crazy and die hard and willing to sacrifice this and that only for him and u as a wife dont even care .
the husband macam perfect gila, good look,effing nice , gentlman, the sweetest man on earth , kayo, business man got Mercz and etc.
and that is why the other women keep chasing him even he was married to you .
and you ? so damnn lembab to fall for him -.-'
yes its about u , and yeaaa i'm talking about you here Nora Elena.

But i think this problem is kinda common, it happens in daily life around us . Contoh somebody likes you, you dont like him, the other girl like him and you maybe liking sombody else and that somebody dont like u. Life is circle yang tak akan habis if the things keep on pusing and pusing . There's no end rite ?


p/s: tapi kan human memang suka kejar ape yang tak mungkin dirg dapat, macam Yvonne even sia-sia she try to chase seth tapi bagus jugak dia ada nilai tak putus asa :D haha but not in a good wayyy lah, leave people's hubby alone. Believe in Karma.

i write about things in life not related with anybody , cheers people !


izzati said...

hai cik fee :)
ni mesti setiap kul 7 dh melangut duduk tgk tv kn...ahha

fee. said...

hahaha wajib ! :p