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Monday, June 27, 2011

another face reader .

hey morning , its 2.36am .
my study stranded once again .
this person i met in chatroom . yes random people again . guess i'm too bored or what ?
when this person ask for my fb id , just bagi . Yes tak selamat but, i can ignore if i dont want to approve aite ? cuz my fb is only for the frens yg kenal je . It is hard to accept people yg tak kenal . Dulu yes but now macam susah sikit la, cuz sometimes got people argue with me on my status and etc .

back to the main topic, as i giv my id terus this person ask me either my mother working in gov sector . Yes la . But i didnt tell pun . How would u know ?
hmmmm, then the person said i'll be an iron lady(business women ) . Like wait ? just terus ask him. . .

me : u can read my face ?
face reader : yes , gifted (he said)

cuz this kind of business thingy , got one uncle penah read my face like that also . Like i dont take this seriously . But this person keep repeating that i'll be iron lady and etc . Seriously i'm studying quantity surveying know. But my future belum happen lagi, wait lah ye when it happen . If true then betul lah .

and from there i know that i'm WEAK espc. my religion knowledge . Suddenly rasa kerdil gila, how weak i am . Islam tapi lemah . Like once i do ragu when one non-muslim want to shake hand with me . This face reader said can, sebab we bukan sengaja want to touch their hand . and he kept saying that ISLAM is simple .
Did i made it complicated ?

and i do ask when i wanna meet my jodoh , why so lambat . LOL what a question fee ?!!
He said lambat bcoz my parent meet late . Duno but my parent get married at the age of 26y/o (mom) and 28 . But he didnt know much about love life .

cuma he kept saying that i'll be an iron lady . what on earth ? tak penah pikir pun .
Ape-ape pun may Allah bless me in whatever field i am . To be an iron lady "Jgn melatah depan musuh nanti kalah" pepatah ape ni ? i dont know .

and i'll be with somebody yang could bear with me kot . As iron lady . So if i iron lady maybe the guy would be iron men . Dah sudah , iron men ???????

I dont know what's happening here . He said everything that happen is not FATE , what u give is what u get .

p/s: iron lady huh fee ? -.-'

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ururu said...

why wudnt u want to shake hands with a non-muslim? Rasulullah SAW pun bersalaman dengan orang yahudi. ape salah nye bersalam dengan orang bukan Islam?