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Sunday, May 15, 2011

holiday and what to do ?

happy holiday ! yesh holiday memang FUN FUN FUN!
tapi kalau tak de ape nak buat yang tu tak fun , HEHE
baru habis bace latest entry yonna, hmmm make me realize ape nak buat eh time cuti yg sangat lah panjang ni? 4months kot boleh jadi zombie kalau makan and tido je, serious tak productive and i cant live that kind of life . ishhh

memandangkan baru je pulang and my stuffs are everywhere . Super messy and i've been thinking of spring cleaning ! tmoro hopefully !

after spring cleaning mule la nak redecorating room! feel like minimizing the stuff in my room! throw away yang tak patut cuz my room not that big lah, so banyak2 benda ni jadi semak -.-' organizing notes and etc .

Music lesson yang dah stranded almost one month . So far still ok, but i'm lazy to do theory homework ! heheh play song tu ok la sebab fun. feeling sorang2 main lagu winter sonata. serious something wrong with u fee! haha :p

still securing for hiv/aids awareness workshop and ade event eh this cuti ? not sure. malas nak tgk calender and tanda important date . hoho

waiting my bff back from Sarawak and planning to go somewhere together2 . I duno why but rase cam nak jalan2 je everyday! haha tu melampau fee :D hehe

i need money very badly . No money will drop from the sky . Working ? I hope the job come to find me. Macam yang yon kate, kerja banyak je tapi penat dia karang macam xde life pulak . Old job ? i think somebody wanna take that place dy and i dont feel like working there anymore even mcm heaven jugak la working time dier .

I did register to learn extra language . pengaruh atok. tapi nak ulang alik 2 kali seminggu tu mcm malas and money money money . But ok jugak la utk tmbah ilmu. haishh i do feel like pindah kan tempat2 penting sebelah rumah, senang pegi jalan kaki je jimat pun jimat .

learn how to cook ? that is something my mom force me to do . But i dont feel like doing. suka masak benda yang suka je macam pasta and dessert . Lauk pauk ni macam lemah sikit , but ok je if my mum left me the recipe . We'll see how.

study for next term ?? something i wont do! confirm :D haha , got no notes or whatever . Nanti la just having my holiday . worried jugak no room to live but may Allah mudah kan :) insya Allah .

macam yona kate jugak, i am no more a P liscene holder . But my parent car terlalu besar and i'm scared i'll cause something to their car . So wait la until JPA gimme scholar klau dier nak bagi then i'll have my own . tak tau la zaman bila cuz JPA didnt look at our pointer . sob* sob* sedih :'(

4 months is too long ! kalau ade sape yg nak ajak buat bisnes yg menjana duit tu boleh jugak :D


biharahim said...

qila pergi sarawak ke? btw, happy holidays, dear!

fee. said...

yeap. dier balik 17may.