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Friday, May 27, 2011

boring day should be filled with this .

what with the name ? 
hahaa saje jee
yesterday goin out with opah,qila & angah to watch movies
Karak & Kung Fu Panda 2

Karak was like....ermmm errr haha go watch and find out .
Okay je modern hantu with "CGI" (duno the spelling)
Syahir part as  boyfren tu mcm geli2 sikit lol, and when the girl peluk him, dier mcm trying not to hug betul2 la,
hehe sgt obviously seen u know .  bagus tu .
Along the movie mcm kitorg je yg gelak time tgk citer ni eh ?
org lain xde bunyi suara pun .

Kung Fu Panda
niceeeee! inner peace ! haha
the panda and his adopted daddy cute gila :DD
panda mcm tekejut when it knew that his daddy who take care of him is not his real daddy, hahaha . everyone knows that lah, cuz his adopted daddy is not seekor panda :)
but tgh2 before peak part of the movie, i was lost in my slumberland,
it happens sometimes when the movie is too long and i am too sleepy .

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