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Friday, April 8, 2011

Friday the 8th :)

Now only got a chance to say Hi April . be nice =)

Rebecca Black sang "its Friday! Friday! Friday!" :D
haha, duno why some Malaysian condemning her -_-' like some dudes condemning bieber.
what's UP? what's WRONG ? their song just ok je to sing along..
music is art and there's nothing wrong with it. sedap or not still art jugak eh ?

eh jap, here i'm not going to write about Malaysian or Bieber or Rebecca and etc.
i wanna scream WOHOOOOOOOOOO! my super duper tough week starting from Mid February almost over. all submission of assignmnts and report done! most presentations done! all test done even though i know that the mark will totally gonna KILL us!

but at least let me breathe this week! ahhhh so hard to have a wonderful-not-so-busy weekends ! ;D heeee

short semester and we learnt a lot of things either human things, professional things and study related things , phewwww all the pain is worth . Life process is getting tougher as we grew older . In my course i learn about construction and money money MONEY! haha , with friends i learn about working together with differnt people almost everyday . Like one article said "Allah tak pernah temu kan kita dengan orang yang salah"...either friends,coursemate,roomate,housemate,neighbour or passer by,stalker or strangers actually we have fated to meet them . No regrets because things happen for a reason and we met people to learn and know them better. ok whatt can improve human skills. Be nice to everyone even if they are not being nice to us :)

Glad that i have AWESOME roomates! Mar,waniey & yaya :) boleh tak jadi roomate lagi untuk 3tahun akan datang ? um please dun kick us out!

awsesome coursemates,friends,goodfrens and the most important BEST FRIEND yang far far away in USM! sila pulang ke tanah air dengan segera ! hehe

I think i laugh almost everydayyyyyyy now, tak macam awal2 degree dulu, see these awesome people that Allah fated kan to me are super wonderful =) i'm feeling GRATEFULLLLLLLLL . thnks for being such a good and fun friends to cry and laugh with :)

one more thing, joining aiesec is another thing. Even i lack of time to contribute but its worth joining organisation. I learnt a lot like do networking with NGOs, colleges and extanding network! improving communication skills,and yea it worth and if i do have chance and money i wanna go for d conference insya Allah!

looking forward to go holiday, no further planning but this HOLIDAY is a WAJIB thingy yeah ! :D

p/s: considered in study week mode .

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