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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

hey wednesday !

get back to real student life . no more waking up late dengan bahagia nye lol
no more home cook ! haha (i think i eat less at home)

so far monday,tuesday,wednesdayyyyyyyyy and so on will be the same day ?! eh ?

i dont think so for this sem. Saya perlu improve diri saya, Communication,social and leadership skills haihhh i'm so bad at it . I'm a little home girl . I am shy and i talk to the person i know, now that i talk a lil bit more than i used to . hishh kesian betul aite budak ni ? hehe . If u know me and i know u , I am frenly enough tau. haha maybe just too secretive to let people know about me muahaha :D

one thing i always love about this organization is that they are so FRENLY ! and caring . they would love to make u comfortable and enjoy . thnkyou people for being nice :)

ok enough with daily report.

few things in my head.
i'm thinking of stop my guitar lesson for awhile, and maybe back active in Mid may or something. I'm afraid tht i cant give full commitment to my teacher . As for piano my teacher is totally understanding, xie xie teacher :) i dont hav time to practice song and do theory works like seriously . Now only i can feel the busyness .
February will be packed enough. Same goes to March i guess. ohhh i need you May ! haha ;)

Hari ni, stomach cramp. Yeap, painful one :(
and hari ni ktorg tengok citer hantu sambil jerit2 . Jerit2 macam orang naik roller coaster tu ! haha Yang first citer hantu kak limah , yg ni mmg nak teguling2 ktorg gelak . But the second one was Santau . Apsal hantu suke keluar tibe2 , tak sempat nak cover my face pun. Cis!! haha had a great day with cik nab watching this two movies.

enough for today. Belum siap slides for english and not enough research for presentation.chow!


p/s: they key of success from vice chancellor is determination & hardwork ! Cool aite?


biharahim said...

same goes with me. planner for the becoming months already packed. all the best! jap2, kau msuk organisation ape eak?

fee. said...

bi den masuk aiesec! pnh dgr x?