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Sunday, February 20, 2011

dear blog ,i know that i owe u my updates ;(

it's good to read people updates , they can update almost everyday =)
i always read but i have less time to update mine -.-'
hmmmm "pelan-pelan kayuh" yeah ? <--- haha ayat tu comel je :D

good things that happen so far ,
15feb - having a lovely day out with my sweet nenek !
16feb - site visit with coursemate . half day trip :)
18feb - voluteering to help for AIDS awareness campaign with new team mates.
19feb - accompany bff and relaxing a bit :D

i hav lots of PENDING worksssssss
-prepared for slides presentation
-study for test
-spend more time playing song :( no time wooo
-more and more assignments to come....

HOT Issues around me,
- um is busy with student election . vote for FB01 ! my good fren(cik nab) is the calon ! whatever it is we support u NAB ! :D love.
-ribut dan taufan . seriously life almost come to an end . we should insaf and getting closer to Yang Maha Pencipta...

"find excitement in all the things tht we do !"

p/s : i'll update when i have more time :) see you when i see you !

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