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Monday, February 21, 2011

cute surveyors ;D

Last Wed we went to Presint 5(1) Putrajaya for site visiting with our hot Prof K :D

groupmate for assignmnt!

the place people

Bibi Surya! dier sgt excited to enter the site!!!

For those yang tak tau, all pictures yang looking so tidak menarik itu perlu kami capture, because it is very VERY important for our assignmnent. Its not our fav. to capture trench,bulldozer,bricks and those unfinished building/structure. It was that we MUST capture -.- . yeahhh nampak boring kan ? but see those photos sebagai sesuatu yang menarik je lah eh?? hehe

Drawing plan. banyaaaaaaak !

safety first yawww!

random snaps =)

one happy family of Quantity Surveyors. Kalau agak2 nak buat rumah or any construction project dont hesitate to contact us :D weeeee

photos from Yonna's cam! Photos anda SUPER CANTIK !

That's all from me and thanks for reading (=

p/s: can visit my roomies's blog ! she reported well about our trip : http://hazwani911.blogspot.com/2011/02/bakal-qs-berjaya.html

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hafizmohamad said...

waaa.seronok nyaaa.pna gile kan feeee