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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

in malay we call budiman :)

2am , still awake ? doing taking off ( calculation for a bungalow ) , kire take five la ni eh ? hehe

ladies and gentlemen , i knoww that i have post this kind of entry before aite .
but tht only what i saw . now i experience it . :D hehe
a guy being nice to me :) i dont know him, he dont know me , why did he being nice ?
entah tak tahu ! ok let the story begin .

yesterday,i got interview to be a member of one organisation . It was only me walking alone afta maghrib with a payung sebab hujan . I duno what i should feel but remember fee! INDEPENDENT ! yes i'm improving myself to be more independent ( i am )
afta reach the interview hall , kena wait outside untuk di layan . They are so frenly and i am soooooooo HAPY . like seriously and honestly i love these people diorang baik sangat . when i smile they'll smile back . I duno why but i like when ppl being nice to me and i can being nice to them too :D see!! saye ni baik orang nye heheh

then i was like standing and waiting , suddenly a guy pusing belakang and saw me , then i smile to him . he then bangun and let me sit .

me : ??? err ( kinda shock , so far i'm still gagah enough to standing still hehe)

me: "eh , no no its okay "
him: geleng2 his head . and stand up .
me : "thankyou" and smile

my impression when i first saw , this guy lookin so smart with his formal shirt, he got the look jugak , handsome . ( only self monologue )
neva thought that he might be a gentlemen too. btw thanks la for being nice :D hehe

afta i've done my interview , then have to fill in the member form.
i pass people! hehe thnks interviewers , they are nice and frenly too. =]
when i'm out of the room , sepatut nye i have to wait tht gentlemen fill in the form first cuz it was his turn . but then , he let me first ?!

i was like ? "er biar btul this guy ? why being too nice" maybe for him its common but for me , u're too nice man! honest ni from the bottom of my heart, cewahh! haha
i was looking at him with my weird face , betul ke this guy ?

then , the member pun tanye "are u sure u wanna let her first (couldnt rmmbr the exact dialogue laa..)

him : ya ya , its already late and a girl should not balik lewat or something like that , (sory x ingat sangat but it was sound like that ...)

member : such a gentlemen .
me : yea.... thnks! ( i cannot pay his kindness ,i could only give him a smile je )

then afta i'm done fill in my form, and tht gentlemen still fill in the form, so x sempat nak say again thnks . its sokay la. if we got chance then we'll meet again.

btw , thanks for being nice. its not rugi for being nice . making people happy !
who see my payung ? i think i’ve forgot to ambik cuz when i walk back hujan dah stop , so tertinggal la kan , when cari balik today dah takde sob sob . bukan la payung kesayangan but thts the only payung tht i have, kene beli baru la ni ? i love tht payung jugak . ok i love anything that i own ;( huwaaaa
its only a payung la fee ? err hehe

p/s: dont just being a gentlemen in front of the one u want , being nice to ALL! u'll be totally happy .


biharahim said...

how could that guy being so nice? aku tak jumpa lagi 'gentleman' kat UTM nie :)

Anonymous said...

so sooooo gentle!
biha,kat usm pun xade yang gentle,
hampeh je sume -.-' huhhhhh

fee. said...

haha korg nak ke ?
mcm mane nak kenal kan sbb me pun x kenal :D hoho