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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

QS field trip experience .

As requested by Prof K, we've finally fulfill his task :)
Prof suruh QS student first year UM visit any firm berdekatan to gain knowledge about qs thingy and get prepare untuk keje later.

Thanks to Puteri Amira, because she arranged the date, making an appointment and decide on which firm to visit .

Location : Subang .(27-28dec2010)
QS student : Puteri,Bibi,Nabila & me.

Monday : 27dec2010

[Firm visit- ask question about qs- see their work & sample project]

9am ktorg dah tepacak depan company tu :D dengan segan silu kami masuk dan di tempatkan dekat a small discussion room kot, xsure. Firm ni xbesar sangat cukup untuk their staff maybe around 20 staff or less. err x sure pulak, x interview berape ramai staff hehe . Kak Yati is the one who in charge to explain us this and that, thanks a lot Kak Yati :) . Maybe because we didnt prepare ourself on what question to ask so all the things that came out from our mouth seems to be sangat spontaneous. hahaa nervous tu x la but banyak "arrr" words lol . sebab ktorg pun xtau nak tanye ape . When sorg lagi akak join kak yati to answer our questions psl QS ni dier pun tekejut sebab ktorg baru first year, hahaha . she said "lahh budak tadika lagi ni..." err haha

Then, they gave us chance to take a look at sample Bill of Quantities(BQ) , Tender Project , Final Account based on their project. Like seriously if u saw the firm for surely u didnt expected much because x sangke pun they manage to get project besar! For example now, their on going project is Faculty Alam Bina,UM yang baru . woahh
kagum* kagum* Bos kat situ Encik Rauf seems so friendly treating us cume he's busy with meeting and all the stuff.

So, we got a chance to tengok plan drawing untuk that building. Kak Yati kate plan drawing for one project can be like 200 plan drawing! whatttttttta ?
xpenah tepikir pun, banyak aite? selame ni kalau paling banyak maybe 2-3 rupenye 200 plan? -_-' . Everything is compulsory, even untuk papan tanda tepi jalan tu pun included dalam plan. Type tulisan and colour ape nak gune siap jarak dier berape milimeter. Dont look down eh, semua tu cost! sesetengah papan tande siap ade pad foundation! errr

They treat us so friendly, and kak yati suruh junior QS kat situ utk tunjuk how to do BQ . We did taking off list secara manual and traditional je, but when working no more pen,red pen or dimension paper semua buat gune software and computer. Just key in the value and u'll get it. According to them, working is easier that study. Even x score time study doesnt mean u'll fail to work because work is all about experience u gain. So dont worry much! They gave us chance jugak untuk try buat taking off tu, thnks :) dekat pukul 12 tgh hari ktorg pun mintak diri untuk berangkat pulang. hehe :]

Tuesday : 28dec2010

[joining meeting]

Surprisingly kak yati had arrange us to also be in the meeting room at site office located on the site for FAB new building which is still under construction.
err macam cuak jugak, but they fine with us. Tekejut jugak la cuz ktorg duduk semeja kot dengan diorg. According to the meeting the building maybe siap on september 2010, and ktorg dah tgk design dier lawa . They use mostly curtain walling. Curtain walling tu yang mcm dinding kaca tu . Those involve dalam meeting tu chairman,civil & structural engineer, mechanical and electrical engineer, contractor, suplier, wakil from JKR, a few QS , and one of the UM FAB lecturer maybe represented as client on behalf of FAB .

The meeting discuss about the progress of the construction,safety,weather forecast,safety of worker, budget and problem arising . Rupenye construction ni kena ade "site diary" which is everyday kena ade report from C&S engineer, M&E engineer and contractor about their work progress . Meeting ni kinda relax, x skema sgt and ade part gelak jugak haha . Arkitek tu ade tanye ktorg " labour ade kacau student x? " haha ktorg gelak2 je. so far xde la , we still safe =)

At the end of the meeting suddenly the chairman said " student ade ape2 nak cakap ? "
ha ha ktorg senyum je. Lecturer tu tekejut sebab ade student um,fab and qs plak dlm meeting ni. She said good job cuz ktorg meginvolve kan diri with this thing :)
Even chairman tu kate qs was good dalam pasaran sekarang ;] heheh

So that's all from me, and yeah it was totally good and knowledgeable visit .

My Report End Here, thanks for reading.


Anonymous said...

woww!bes gile weyh!!
seumur edup den xpenah lg join meeting cam ginih,..untung gile!!huhu~~
goood job bebehh! ;)

hafizmohamad said...

good luck miss QS!!!
september 2010?
da siap la suppsely kan?:D

fee. said...

qi : nnt dh keje mesti bnyk meeting, ko civil engine merupakan yg penting gak! hehe

beego : hee he thnkyou! dgr yg diorg ckp mcm tu la, so bile kte msuk 2nd year duduk bangunan baru la harap2 heheh