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Friday, December 31, 2010

its a good bye for 2010 sob*

Its the last post for twenty-ten ;(

Recap for what had happened to me along the 2010...hehe
There's a lot of good things happen and some of the bad one . Nah , if nothing bad ever happen we wont learn and wont grow , learn from the past aite ?

There's a lot of things happening.The year which i start to being more independent like traveling alone.hehe like naik teksi sorg2 area KL . maybe for u its a common thing but for me satu kemajuan! hahaha start with teksi,then up sikit naik erl sendiri then naik plane.By this time i was like, biar btul ? but determine gile cuz nak join good frens roadtrip. family dah off to Penang and my dad dah siap2 beli tiket for me, tinggal naik je . Almost lost , but alhamdulillah selamat jugak hahaha . dah try fly from kedah-klia,penang-klia,and klia-penang. see i got kemajuan!! hahaha

The year where which me and good frens manage to plan some wonderful roadtrip. Started with Kuala Selangor for kunang-kunang visit but it was totally fun when u had it with some cool and crazy headed frens yang sama2 gile since form 1. could u ever imagine ? they are the most lovely,cool and rockstars i ever have! heee ;D

The year which i manage to support my boyfrens, Germany team playing ! cume xdapat follow to stadium je ahahah, err tiket habis lol. i know i've been super wonderful girlfren ever in the world! iLyou! tapi orentasi stop my happiness! -.- haha

For the 3 months sem break and i start to work. First time ni, cam xcaya tu pun sebab super BORED kat rumah and rase mcm loser gile makan and tido je -.-
Work at school as a sales girl untuk koperasi sekolah.Not my school for sure :)
Learn to be more frenly while berjual beli with people. Sebab kan terlalu pemurah and selalu senyum2 gituw ade budak form 5 kot mcm got a crush on me -.- perasan gile fee! betul oh he come hari2 even takde ape nak beli. Tu je i can tell here,yg lain off the report. not taking this seriously pun.

yeah,also the year masuk degree. Manage to continue QS . Cita-cita for architecture harus di ketepikan cuz i am a sleeping beauty with a sleepyhead . Tak tido 2 minggu cukup make my life terhuyung-hayang and i cant sacrife my holiday to do all drawing, i cant force my idea to come out for each assignment and i'm not tough enough for that, so QS is my destiny. Started to kenal hati budi QS ;)

A crazy sudden plan from Broga turn out to be super bombastic Bukit Tinggi,Pahang. yeah i know we are too crazy duhh. tapi if we plan nicely it could neva happen trust me -.- . having a super havoc raya together!We'll make it acara wajib turun-temurun! hahahah

This Cuti sem me and classmate went for QS field trip.Learning the real life of a qs. thoughtful and nice . Never had this kind of experience and construction field mmg interesting to join. :]

Super cool things i did harini was going out to KL . Cari semua kedai jual barang drawing cuz my bff need it untuk course dier( civil engine). thanks to bakal arkitek En Hafiz Mohamad kwn sepasum dan Residential College mate skrg for the direction. Secare xlangsung jadi gps through msg . Dari direction tu me and bff try to explore tempat tu. Sesat jugak ktorg cari petaling street. rase loser kjap when rakyat malaysia tp xtau petaling street tapi usehe ktorg bejalan jugak even rase nak cabut kaki ni berhasil when ktorg nampak signboard "Jalan Petaling" sebesar2 alam! happy gile duhh mcm dpt ape tah, pastu according to direction give "jalan terus kedai hujung" and bile nampak "VENUS art" dah rase mcm mng award! haha feel berjaye tu mmg best! haha lame gile aite? klau naik teksi trus dier bwk gi situ, tp ktorg travel and struggle sndri jugak. So, that is how my 2010 ended. tired but satissfied :)

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hafizmohamad said...

bjaya jugak akhirnyaa:D

oh bukan xnak suh naik cab
sbb dekat je
kan srvivor?haha